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BASICS ON HOW TO USE TI-83 PLUS By: Joseph Jackson.

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1 BASICS ON HOW TO USE TI-83 PLUS By: Joseph Jackson



4 BASIC OPERATIONS ENTER the # and then press one of the operation keys and then another # and press ENTER to perform the desired operation Note: A string of operations can be entered.

5 GRAPHING The top row contains your graphing keys. To see the graph of a function enter it into the “Y=“ menu and press graph.

6 EXPONENTS To raise a # to a power enter the number, ^, the exponent number and press ENTER to perform the operation.

7 RADICALS To take the square root of a number press the “2 nd ” key and then the “x²” key. YOU MUST CLOSE THE PARENTHESES BEFORE PRESSING ENTER.

8 STORE \RECALL To store a value into the calculator as a variable enter the # and press the “STO” button. Then press the “Alpha” Key and choose a green letter for it to be stored as. To use this variable simply treat it like any other #. For example, enter a value of 5 for the variable A. Then do “6*A” and your will get 30 as an answer.

9 MATRICES Enter “2 nd ” and then “x -1 ” key which is MATRIX Arrow key over to the edit menu. Choose a matrix name Then first enter the dimensions, followed by the matrix entries.

10 MATRICES-CONTINUED To perform matrix operations such as finding a determinant go to MATH in the matrix menu and choose “det” which is # 1. Then go back to the matrix menu and under the names submenu choose the matrix you want to use and press ENTER.

11 EVEN MORE MATRICES To solve a system using Gauss-Jordan Elimination (or reduced row echelon form) use the same procedures that you would for the determinant but choose “rref” from the math submenu. Your answers will be in the last column.


13 REFERENCES 30 Apr. 2007.

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