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Online marketing communications

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1 Online marketing communications

2 Characteristics of the Internet as a marketing communications medium
Consumer Pull Push Website

3 Characteristics of the Internet
Communication style synchronous vs asynchronous Social presence Control of communication content when users are in control of content or presentation of message  interactive Control of communication contact consumer preference for having control over when contact is made

4 Level of social presence in communications
Higher Personal selling Telemarketing Social presence Electronic commerce Direct mail Lower Synchronous Asynchronous Communication style Source: Peters, Linda, 'The new interactive media: one-to-one, but who to whom?' Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 16 January 1998, page 25

5 Consumer control of content and contact in marketing communications
Greater Lesser Electronic commerce Personal selling Greater Consumer control of contact Telemarketing Direct mail Lesser Consumer control of content Peters, 1998

6 Benefits of marketing communications on the Internet
users can determine usage patterns offers global reach powerful tool for building long-term customer relationships interactive enables consumers to be proactive supports channel strategy

7 Interactivity Broadcast One-way communication Print Many Cinema
1.4(a) Traditional marketing communications media One-way communication Broadcast Print Cinema Outdoor Many

8 Consumer Website A Other consumers Website B
1.4(b) The Internet and marketing communications Consumer Website A Other consumers Website B

9 Key success factors in web design
layout and ease of use provision of interesting and extensive jargon free content regular content updates interactivity relevant, helpful links to other websites secure transaction facilities

10 Marketing communications mix and the Internet
Advertising allows advertiser to assess in real time what is and isn’t working response levels can be measured (clickthroughs vs CPM impressions) banner ads pop-ups webmercials advertising via newsletters microsites affiliate programmes Continued…

11 Public relations Sponsorship Sales promotion
new product launches and dissemination of important information launch and distribution of annual reports distribution of press releases reproduction or broadcast of presentations point of contact internal communications Sponsorship content sponsorship Sales promotion to accelerate sales activity and encourage visitor involvement offers can be tailored website visitor/ recipient incurs cost of printing coupons

12 Direct marketing e-mail VS spam mail viral marketing
to sell products and services up-sell and cross-sell confirm orders welcome new customer/say goodbye announce important info apologise encourage people to visit website build one-on-one customer relationship VS spam mail viral marketing webcasting – sending customised information to online customers behaviour measurement – cookies

13 Selling complementary to personal selling security concerns fulfilment
price and product comparisons virtual showrooms and product demonstrations direct sales sales support security concerns fulfilment

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