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IDOA Facility Maintenance & Repair Pre-Proposal Conference February 24, 2012 Justin Weidner IDOA Strategic Sourcing Analyst.

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1 IDOA Facility Maintenance & Repair Pre-Proposal Conference February 24, 2012 Justin Weidner IDOA Strategic Sourcing Analyst

2 General Information Sign-In Sheet for Attendees Sign-In Sheet and PowerPoint will be posted on IDOA’s Solicitation Website Hold questions until the end of the presentation

3 Agenda General Information Purpose & Scope of RFP Key Dates Proposal Preparation & Evaluation Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Question and Answer Session

4 Purpose of the RFP The purpose of this RFP is to select a vendor that can satisfy the State’s need for facility maintenance and repair. - It is the intent of Indiana Department of Administration to contract with a vendor that provides quality facility maintenance and repair for the Facilities Management Division of IDOA at a competitive rate.

5 Scope of RFP This RFP covers the solicitation for facility maintenance and repair. More specifically, this RFP is for the complete maintenance and repair of the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire alarm, fire suppression, carbon monoxide detectors, kitchen equipment, emergency generators, steam and natural gas systems.

6 Scope of RFP The list below provides respondents with the current facilities that are to be included in this solicitation. Indiana Government Center South and Workforce Development. Indiana Government Center North Washington Street Parking Facility Senate Ave. Parking Facility The Indiana State Capitol Building The Indiana State Library

7 Scope of RFP All tunnels within and connecting the Government Center North, Government Center South, Capitol Building, State Library, Washington Street Parking Facility, and Senate Avenue Parking Facility. Indiana Historical Society Indiana Governor’s Residence, Annex House, and Out Buildings.

8 Scope of RFP Contract Term The term of the contract shall be for a period of two (2) years from the date of contract execution. There may be two (2) one-year renewals for a total of four (4) years at the State’s option.

9 Key Dates ActivityDate Issue of RFP February 17, 2012 Pre-Proposal Conference February 24, 2012 Deadline to Submit Written Questions March 5, 2012 @ 3:00 P.M. Response to Written Questions/RFP Amendments March 15, 2012 Submission of Proposals March 30, 2012 The dates for the following activities are target dates only. These activities may be completed earlier or later than the date shown. Proposal Evaluation TBD Proposal Discussions/Clarifications (if necessary) TBD Oral Presentations (if necessary) TBD Best and Final Offers (if necessary) TBD Contract Award May 11, 2012

10 Business Proposal (Attachment F) Company Financial Information (Section 2.3.3) –Confidential information must be kept separate from the proposal in both hard and soft copy Contract Terms (Section 2.3.5) –Respondent should review sample State contract and note exceptions to State mandatory and non-mandatory clauses in Transmittal Letter

11 Technical Proposal (Attachment G) Please use the Template we have provided for you. Where appropriate, supporting documentation may be referenced by a page and paragraph number.

12 Cost Proposal (Attachment D) The Cost Proposal is broken down into four (4) categories: Labor, Material, Sub-Contractors & Contracts, and Other. The billable rate per hour on the labor tab must meet or exceed the hourly rate for each position noted in attachment I, the construction wage scale. Respondents must provide pricing for all categories, with the exception of the Sub-Contractor & Contracts tab if it is not applicable to the proposal. Respondent pricing will be assessed based on the total amount calculated on the total bid amount tab.

13 Cost Proposal (Attachment D) Respondents who meet the State’s current baseline cost will receive zero (0) cost points. Respondents who propose a decrease to the State’s current costs will receive positive points at the same rate as bid increasing cost. Respondents who propose an increase to the State’s current cost will receive negative points at the same rate as bid lowering cost. Respondents who propose a 10% decrease to the State’s current baseline cost will receive all of the available cost points. If multiple Respondents decrease costs below 10% of the current baseline, an additional 5 points will be added to the Respondent proposing the lowest cost to the State.

14 Proposal Preparation Buy Indiana, Business Proposal 2.3.14 –Status shall be finalized by proposal due date –5 definitions, details provided in Business Proposal Indiana Economic Impact, Attachment C –Definition of FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) –Example: If a Respondent has 5 full time employees and is bidding on its 5 th contract, and all contracts get an equal amount of commitment from the employees then each employee commits 20% of his or her time to the new contract: 0.2 x 5 employees= 1 FTE.

15 Proposal Preparation Attachment D (Cost Proposal) must be returned in Excel Use the templates provided for all answers Do not alter templates Please submit all questions using attachment L

16 Proposal Evaluation Summary of Evaluation Criteria: 1. Adherence to Mandatory Requirements –Pass/Fail 2. Management Assessment/Quality (Business & Technical Proposal) –35 points 3. Cost (Cost Proposal) –20 points 4. Indiana Economic Impact –15 points 5. Buy Indiana –10 points 6. Minority (10) and Women Business (10) –Subcontractor Commitment 20 points * 100 Total Points (7 bonus possible)

17 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Charles Hill, MWBE Division Contact Information - Email: or Phone: Complete Attachment A, MWBE Form - Include sub-contractor letters of commitment Goals for Proposal - 8% Minority Business Enterprise - 8% Women’s Business Enterprise


19 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Prime Contractors must ensure that the proposed subcontractors meet the following criteria: Must be listed on the IDOA Directory of Certified Firms Each firm may only serve as once classification – MBE or WBE A Prime Contractor who is an MBE or WBE must meet subcontractor goals by using other listed certified firms. Certified Prime Contractors cannot count their own workforce or companies to meet this requirement. Must serve a commercially useful function. The firm must serve a value- added purpose on the engagement. Must provide goods or service only in the industry area for which it is certified as listed in the directory at Must be used to provide the goods or services specific to the contract National Corporate Diversity Plans are generally not acceptable


21 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises TOTAL BID AMOUNT:

22 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Effective May, 2011, a new MWBE scoring methodology will be utilized for all RFP’s released New Process – MWBE scoring is conducted based on 20 points plus a possible 2 bonus points scale - MBE: Possible 10 points + 1 bonus point - WBE: Possible 10 points + 1 bonus Point Professional Services Scoring Methodology: - The points will be awarded on the following schedule: - Fractional percentages will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole percentage - Submissions of 0% participation will result in a deduction of 1 point in each category - The highest submission which exceeds the goal in each category will receive 11 points (10 points plus 1 bonus point). In case of a tie both firms will receive 11 points %1%2%3%4%5%6%7%8% Pts.1.252.503.755.006.257.508.7510.00

23 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises BidderMBE %Pts.WBE %Pts.Total Pts. Bidder 112.0%10.010.0%11.021.0 Bidder 26.0%7.54.0%5.012.5 Bidder 38.0%10.08.0%10.020.0 Bidder 416.0%11.00.0%10.0 Bidder 50.0%0.0%-2.0 RFP MWBE Scoring Example

24 Pre-Qualification Respondents must be qualified under IC 4- 13.6-4

25 IDOA Questions and Answers

26 Thank You

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