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1 Walsall Social Care and Inclusion Charging Policy Review Consultation December 2014- February 2015

2 Walsall Social Care and Inclusion Introductions

3 Purpose Current policy not fit for purpose:  Care Act 2014 and Children and Families Act 2014  Current Range of Charges  Local Government Ombudsman Judgements  Efficiencies  New Client Information System

4 Current charging arrangements People who receive community based services are charged based on the benefits they receive. People are charged up to: –50% of Attendance Allowance –50% of Disability Living Allowance (care component) –100% Severe Disability Premium Regardless of the services received

5 Charging under the Care Act  The Care Act 2014 sets out a clear approach to charging and financial assessment.  Some care and support is free but some may be charged  People will only be asked to pay what they can afford  A financial assessment to decide what people can afford to pay will be complete  The rules are set in regulations and guidance to give a transparent and consistent approach

6 In the future The aim of the review is to: Create a fair and transparent system of charging across adult social care services. Determine an approach that is supportive of the legislative changes Have a system that is easier to administer including payment mechanisms and billing.

7 Who may be affected? Those who use community based services such as: –Home Care –Respite –Day Care –Extra Care –Direct Payments –Prevention Services –Community Alarms

8 Services which may not be charged? After-care services provided under section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983 Services users who are suffering from any form of creutzfeldt-jakob disease Providing advice about the availability of services or for assessment Service users who are fully funded under Continuing Health Care

9 Review Process Cabinet approved consultation on charging on 10 September 2014. Pre-Engagement activity took place in November 2014 Learning from other sources Consultation Period Decision by Cabinet 18 March 2015 Implementation Spring 2015

10 Pre-Engagement Feedback Fair and equitable Consensus on the need to charge Disposable income considered carefully Simple disability related expenditure system Easy to understand Invoicing and billing Prevention services charges may discourage people from using them

11 Pre-Engagement Feedback A mix of views on carers and self funders having access to free services People were unsure about charging for equipment Move away from traditional methods of consultation Give people more time to understand what is being asked

12 Discretion to charge for services and charging models Treatment of Disposable Income and Partner income Maximum Charges and charging for Full cost of services Disability Related Expenditure and financial assessments Charges for Extra Care Tenants, Carers, Self Funders, Charging for prevention aids and adaptations Paying people on Direct Payments net of their charge Areas for consultation

13 Your views Any questions?

14 Your views All feedback will be considered We will use this information to help us design the final model which will go to Cabinet for approval on 18 March 2015 We will share the final outcome of the consultation with everyone affected by the change.

15 How to share your views You can also share your views with us –Online: Charging consultation 2014-15Charging consultation 2014-15 –Email: Post: Walsall Council Integrated business processes & services, Civic Centre, Darwall Street Walsall WS1 1TP –Telephone: 0300 555 2922 –Textphone: 0845 111 2910 –SMS Text: 07834 114482.

16 Thank you for your contribution Walsall Social Care and Inclusion

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