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@beckyddesign Take Control of Your Site with WordPress.

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1 @beckyddesign Take Control of Your Site with WordPress

2 @beckyddesign What is WordPress? WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. It's often customized into a Content Management System (CMS). It has many features including a plug- in architecture and a template system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3 @beckyddesign Different Flavors of WordPress – Set up a site for free and start blogging! Limited template choices Restricted plug-in use Non-commercial only Limited traffic allowed

4 @beckyddesign Different Flavors of WordPress – Install the software on your hosting server – many hosts have a quick way to do this through the control panel Famous less than 5 minute install (after DB has been configured) Almost unlimited design and functionality options Keep it updated! Recommend using a pro to get things designed and setup. Coding knowledge is necessary.

5 @beckyddesign WP as a CMS Clients can log in and edit/create blog posts or pages for their sites easily.

6 @beckyddesign Posts and Pages Pages - for most of the regular static pages of the site, i.e. Home, Contact, About Pages can be edited and changed at any time They generally do not have dates attached to them Posts – for the blog Dymanic, because of comments Default at Latest First All posts show up in a list

7 @beckyddesign Custom Post Types With programming knowledge, the back-end can be customized for users and custom post-types can be created. Custom post types can be configured to suit the need Product pages Chamber of Commerce members Real-estate listings Wherever you need a specific type of entry with the formatting locked down Or multiple blog types are needed

8 @beckyddesign What are Themes? Themes control the Look, Feel and Functionality of a WordPress site. Ready-made themes - free - $20-50 – subscription pricing Carefully investigate the documentation and support before purchase. Themes can be built from scratch Child themes can be built based on a parent (Recommended!)

9 @beckyddesign Core Theme Files All of these files connect to the mySQL database. Thats where the content lives. Widgets mostly live in the sidebar, but can be in the footer or header too!

10 @beckyddesign Plug-ins & Widgets Widgets come from Plug-ins, not all Plug-ins create Widgets. Plug-ins create functionality: Backup, slideshow, add videos, create forms Widgets are modules that can be placed in certain locations, like the sidebar. Forms, twitter feed, testimonials, shopping cart

11 @beckyddesign Plug-ins Available on Some cost $, most dont Look for ratings, last update, popularity If one doesnt work, try another! Contact forms Photo galleries/slideshows Videos E-commerce E-mail sign up form Social links Over 6,000 to choose from, test and play!

12 @beckyddesign Images The newest themes allow the header and background images to be changed by the user. Images for a specific page can be added/changed easily Caution! Edit the image size BEFORE uploading

13 @beckyddesign Examples of WP sites – ecommerce, custom post type for products - multiple footers – custom post type for members – slideshow, custom maps - ecommerce – custom contact form – classic blog w/ fancy sidebar

14 @beckyddesign Contact 773-809-5640

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