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Take charge of your the Writing Center!.

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1 Take charge of your writing @ the Writing Center!

2 You must make an appointment to visit the Writing Center. This presentation will demonstrate how to use the Writing Center’s website to schedule your visit. The Writing Center is not a drop-off service, and consultants will not “edit” or “proofread” your paper. Can help with any kind of writing, at any stage in the writing process. Is open to the entire Trinity community, free of charge. Is open 5 days a week and one Saturday a month. Will help you find the tools you need to become a better writer. The Trinity Writing Center

3 Step One Visit the Writing Center’s site Just click the “Academic Life” tab on Trinity’s main page. The Writing Center’s link is under “Academic Services”, right at the top. It’s easy!

4 Step Two Explore the resources Many questions about writing and research can be answered without visiting the Writing Center in person. Click the “Resources” tab to access “Handouts and Presentations” and “Links for Writers”. It’s helpful!

5 Step Three Make an appointment If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, you can make an appointment to visit the Writing Center. Just click “Make an Appointment” under the “Services” tab. Be sure to fill out the form completely It’s fast!

6 Step Four Browse the rest of the site You’ll find a list of things to bring to your appointment, and you’ll also find services for graduate students and faculty. It’s for everyone!

7 Step Five Wait for confirmation You’ll receive confirmation by email of your appointment day and time. We will do everything we can to give you your first choice, but appointments are scheduled based on demand and on the availability of writing consultants. You do not have an appointment until you receive confirmation! Have a great semester, and see you @ the Writing Center!

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