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Cults. If youre like many of us youve watched the news and current affairs programs and hear the word Cult bandied around. Often we get the impression.

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1 Cults

2 If youre like many of us youve watched the news and current affairs programs and hear the word Cult bandied around. Often we get the impression that simply any weird group is a cult Those who are in cults believe that all those in groups other than their own are in cults. In this short presentation we hope to clarify some of these thoughts and inform you in a brief concise nutshell approach, a workable definition and an overview of the topic.

3 "Any group with an elitist cause and view of itself, which has a pyramid type of authoritarian leadership structure with all teaching and guidance coming from that person/persons at the top. The group will claim to be the only way to God, Nirvana, Paradise, Ultimate Reality, Full Potential etc., and will use thought reform or mind control techniques to gain control and keep their members." A Definition: (Henrietta Crampton in 'Cults and their Consequences'.) What is a Cult ?

4 From this definition we see that a cult is a totalistic society, or a high demand group, that demands total allegiance. The group becomes all consuming and adherents often undergo a personality transformation and neglect family, former friends studies and interests.

5 Earmarks of a cult They believe that theirs is the only truth. They are forbidden to have anything to do with ex members. They are not allowed to disagree with or question the beliefs of the group. They are not allowed to read literature other than their own publications. They often believe the end justifies the means. Therefore lying and misrepresenting themselves to the public is allowed if it furthers their cause. They have secret beliefs that are withheld from outsiders and new members. Their main agenda is recruitment and group growth.

6 How To Identify An Abusive System

7 The same controlling dynamic can exist in virtually any group in society. They can be : Political Religious Mystical, Commercial or Therapy style self help groups. Totalistic groups are more about control and power than they are about beliefs and doctrine.

8 Dominant leader Poor, or one way communication In house secrets Abusive Systems can exist anywhere we have these 3 factors:

9 They can be very LARGE Such as totalistic political regime's. Nazi Germany Or very small Such as abusive relationships… …or anything in between. The same dynamics of control and manipulation can exist regardless of the size of the group.

10 Why and how do sensible intelligent people become involved in totalistic groups?

11 Manipulation + Need = CONTROL M + N = C

12 targeting a persons specific need area. Withholding information that might be repulsive to the new recruit. Protecting the new recruit from all critical thinking in the form of former friends, family or media that does not endorse the groups values. Thought blocking techniques such as chanting, praying in tongues and memorisation of quotes that reinforce group think. These groups do target and actively seek to recruit disciples. The recruitment process involves:

13 We all have needs. One of our strongest needs after food and shelter is the need to belong. In certain times of life we are more vulnerable than others. These times are usually to do with any major change in our lives such as: Travel Grief Leaving school Uncertainty about the future It is when we have an emotional need that we become more easily manipulated

14 How mind control works Human beings are made up of 4 elements: 1.Behaviour 2.Information 3.Thoughts 4.Emotions If we can control one of these elements in a person the others tend to follow. If we control 2 of these elements the other ones will almost certainly follow. If we can control all of these elements at once a person is swept away. (Steven Hassan Combatting Cult Mind Control)

15 Interested? There is much more to know. Society is littered with groups that would take advantage of your loved ones. The best defence is education. We could go on to list the thousands of groups that we consider to be abusive or we can simply say that they all follow the same pattern and therefore are easily identifiable. I suggest that you browse around on this web site and the links provided and become well informed.

16 JEANNE MILLS former member of the peoples temple and subsequent victim of assassination a year following the November 18, 1978 Jonestown suicide / murders of 911 adults and children said... When you meet the friendliest people you have ever known, who introduce you to the most loving group of people you have ever encountered, and you find the leader of the group to be the most inspired, caring, compassionate and understanding person you have ever met, and then you learn that the cause of the group is something you never dared hope could be accomplished, and all of this sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true! Dont give up your education, your hopes and ambitions, to follow a rainbow. Finally...

17 The End Bibliography: Hassan Steven, Combatting Cult Mind Control Park Street Press 1988 Crampton HenriettaCults and their consequences. Festinger Leon; Rieken, Henry W. and Schachter, Stanley. When prophesy fails; New York, Harper& Row, 1956.

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