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Scratchboard ***Have a pencil and paper ready for vocabulary notes***

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1 Scratchboard ***Have a pencil and paper ready for vocabulary notes***

2 What is scratchboard? A surface made up of white clay and then coated with black India ink. You carve into it with a sharp tool to reveal the white clay underneath.

3 Scratchboard Techniques

4 Hatching and Cross Hatching

5 Hatching Creating shading by using parallel lines.

6 Cross-Hatching Layering parallel lines on top of each other in order to create shading.


8 Texture

9 Contour lines

10 Lines that surround and define the edges of an object, giving it shape and volume.

11 Contour Lines

12 Negative Reversing the lights and darks of an image. The darks appear light (white), the lights appear dark (or black).


14 Artists who use These Techniques

15 Diana Lee

16 Steve Carroll

17 Virgil Finlay




21 R. Crumb




25 Identity The distinguishing character or personality of an individual

26 Overlay Something that is laid over or covers another surface. Placed on top of another image to be incorporated into it.

27 Scratch board Self Portrait Assignment
Transfer part of or your entire face to the scratchboard using graphite tracing/transfer. (you will learn how to do this in class.

28 Scratchboard Self Portrait
Add text about yourself. Text can include: answers from your identity think sheet. Names, dates, places, interests, lyrics, quotes, etc. AS LONG AS THEY ARE SCHOOL APPROPRIATE.

29 Scratchboard Self Portrait
Don’t slop the image and text on the scratchboard. Make an interesting composition. (think how you can place the text with your image to make it interesting. )

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