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2 There once was a little girl name Belle who was a product of Coach Verner’s PE Class, where everything is incorporated into the educational curriculum. AKA TINKERBELLE AKA TINKERBELLE Don’t let the pretty face fool ya Don’t let the pretty face fool ya

3 Belle spent three years in Coach Verner’s PE Class. While in Coach Verner’s Class, she learned how to count, add, and dribble a basketball. Belle was top in her class. There wasn’t a kid in grades k-2 that could add faster or out dribble her. Belle was the leader of her dribble team, The Dribbling Stars. Belle became bored with the Dribbling stars. She felt she was ready to play some real bball. Coach Verner’s rule was that you had to be in the 3 rd grade to play basketball, and Belle was only in the 1st grade. Belle was disappointed but she accepted the rules. Since Belle was such a good sport, Coach Verner named Belle her little assistant Coach.

4 One day coach Verner’s Bball team was short of players. So coach Verner decided to give Tinkerbelle the opportunity to do what she always wanted, play bball. Coach Verner lined all the kids around the center court circle for tip off. Just before tip-off, Belle said to coach Verner “I don’t know how to play basketball. I just know how to dribble.” Coach Verner told Belle just do your best.

5 Belle ran up and down the court laughing and enjoying herself. It didn’t bother her that she was the only 1 st grader playing with 3 rd and 4 th graders. When her dad yelled at her to play hard, she told the referee he was picking on her and laughed when he got in trouble. The referee got on to her dad. Belle called her own timeout in the middle of the game to take a bathroom break. The team continued to play without her.

6 Coach Verner has a rule that doesn’t allow the teams to keep score. That way there wouldn’t be any losers. Belle’s teammate asked who was winning, and another teammate said it was zero to zero. Belle said, “NO we are winning. We made 3 shots and the other team made 1, and 2+2+2 =6 and 2+0=2. So that means we are winning. Belle had learned to keep score in PE Class.

7 After playing in the pee wee basketball game, Belle believed she was ready to take on Big Ben, a 6 foot 9 inch high school basketball player.

8 Bring it Big Ben Tinkerbelle got the big head after playing in the pee wee basketball game.

9 You Can’t touch this Hey Big Ben, you don’t want none of this. I learned from the best, Coach Verner’s PE Class and The Dribbling Stars

10 Whatcha got Big Boy

11 Where you at Big Ben? Swoosh!!!!!

12 In Coach Verner’s PE Class 22+2=24, but out here on the playground 22+2= Game Man I’m Good!!! NextNext

13 Physical Education and Math Integrated If You would like mad Math and Basketball skills like me. Check out Coach Verner’s Webpage where PE and Math goes hand in Hand.

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