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BULLYING It’s Everyone’s Problem. No Student Should Ever Be Bullied.

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1 BULLYING It’s Everyone’s Problem

2 No Student Should Ever Be Bullied

3 STUDENTS HAVE RIGHTS:  You are entitled to feel safe at school  No student should be bullied  No student should fear what will happen to them to and away from school  No student should fear being harassed in the hallways, at lunch, or in class

4 WHAT IS BULLYING???  Name Calling  Threatening  Teasing  Taunting  Hitting  Stealing  Social isolation  Can be physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual

5 WHY DO PEOPLE BULLY???  They enjoy feeling powerful  They may be bullied at home and see others doing it  Bullying keeps others from bullying them  They may think aggression is a positive way to get what they want  They have poor self-esteem  They may feel it is a way to be popular and be recognized by others  They have low tolerance for people who are different than them

6 WHAT CAN YOU DO IF YOU ARE BULLIED???  Tell them to stop. Tell the bully you are not accepting the bullying behavior.  If it continues, report the activity to a teacher, guidance counselor, or administrator and parent.  Band together with other students.

7 WHO DOES THE BULLY TARGET???  Students who appear physically weak.  Students who appear withdrawn, anxious, or depressed.  Students who underdeveloped social skills.  Students with a poor self-image.

8 BULLYING CAN HAPPEN ON-LINE OR ELECTRONICALLY  Cyber bullying is when children bully each other using the internet, cell phones, or other technology. This includes sending mean text, e-mails, or instant messages.  Posting nasty pictures or messages about others in blogs or websites.  Using someone else’s user name to spread rumors or lies.

9 WHAT CAN OBSERVERS DO???  Get involved—Don’t stand and watch.  Alert an adult and report the incident.  Victims are often too scared to report.  Bullies continue to bully if they think they can get away with it.  Support the victim by listening and spending time with them.  Tell the bully to stop.  Offer help to the victim in front of the bully.  Join forces against the bully.  Bring the issue to peer mediation.

10  80% of students are not bullies or victims. They are observers and can make a difference

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