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Welcome to Second Grade! Ursula Crosby Julie Livingston Kelly Williamson Kathy Alloway Erin Clayton Shannon King.

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1 Welcome to Second Grade! Ursula Crosby Julie Livingston Kelly Williamson Kathy Alloway Erin Clayton Shannon King

2 *All absences need a written excuse from the parent within 3-5 days. *Students are NOT counted tardy/absent before 10:00am with a doctor’s note. *Students are counted tardy after 7:40a.m. and must have a tardy slip when entering the classroom. Your child will receive progress reports every 3 weeks. In each 9 week period, a maximum of 5 daily grades in each subject area - below 70 – may be changed. This does not include homework, projects, or quizzes/tests. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher with any concerns. You can monitor your child’s progress weekly by reviewing his/her graded work found in the Graded Work Folders. Grades will also be accessible online.

3 The BISD grading policy for 2nd Grade is as follows: Language Arts: 4 Reading (60%) 5 Writing Composition (30%) 4 Spelling (10%) Math: 2 tests (30%), 8 daily/quizzes (50%), 3 homework (20%) Science: 2 major ( 25%) and 5 minor (75%) Social Studies: 2 major (25%) and 4 minor (75%) *”Major” Grades include TESTS and PROJECTS.

4 Homework Assignments are due the day after they are assigned, unless otherwise noted. Parents are to check and initial the assigned work! *Reading: When your child has a reading homework assignment it is due the next day. It is imperative that the books be returned the next day. They are often used in class and/or shared with other teachers. Parents are to initial the assignment reading log. *Spelling: Your child will have the opportunity to start his/her daily spelling homework in class. If he/she does not finish it, he/she will complete it at home. It is due by Friday. Parents are to initial the assignment. *NOTE– Spelling lists will be posted on the teacher’s webpage. Test s are given on Fridays.

5 The Accelerated Reader program is a reading incentive program. Your Child will take the “STAR” reading test on the computer. The results will determine your child’s reading level and point goal for the school year. Students will earn “point slips” to use as money to purchase prizes at the PTO “AR” Store.

6 Sumdog is an engaging new resource your child is able to access at home and at school to practice math skills – especially the math facts. KIDS LOVE SUMDOG--- On Sumdog, students learn math by playing short games against classmates. Students work hard to earn coins to buy gear for their avatar. There is a variety of games which are not tied to specific topics, so students can practice a topic repeatedly without getting bored. SELF-PACED--- Sumdog adapts its questions to each student's ability covering number operations through to simple algebra. FAMILIES--- To receive free weekly reports at home, parents may create a family. Each student can be part of a family and a school. Parents may also subscribe to access additional features. TEACHERS--- Teachers will set the practice level to choose skills for your child and periodically may set up contests and challenges within the class or school. Teachers will have access to additional reports to monitor participation and progress.create

7 Celebrations: *PTO Fitness Fair Friday, Oct. 10th *Christmas Party Friday, December 19 th Early Release at 11:40 *End of the Year Party Wednesday, June 3rd

8 1. The students' graded work will be sent home in their Blue Folder weekly or biweekly. The newsletter will be emailed weekly and on my webpage at 2. Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack each day. 3. My phone number at school is: 830-357-4851. My e-mail address is 4. When coming to the school to volunteer, etc. ALWAYS sign in at the office! You must sign in and get a visitor’s badge. 5. Please let me know if there is a change in “pick-up” for your child via note in the morning or phone call by 1:00. 6. I do allow the class to celebrate birthdays. However, we may not have birthday parties. Easy to serve treats are fine. We will celebrate around 2:20. Please let me know in advance if you will be sending a treat. 7. Fridays are Spirit Days!!! Spirit Wear can be purchased through our PTO! 8. Please show your support and join PTO at! Thank you! EXTRA INFO :

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