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Introducing AVG 8.0.  New User Interface - dramatically simplified navigation, intuitive and efficient  New High-Performance Scanning Engine – combined.

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1 Introducing AVG 8.0

2  New User Interface - dramatically simplified navigation, intuitive and efficient  New High-Performance Scanning Engine – combined AV and AS detection  New LinkScanner Technology – real-time protection from poisoned web sites  New Web Shield – scans every Internet file download  New Anti-Rootkit – provides rootkit detection and removal What’s New in AVG (I)

3  New Firewall – redesigned with intuitive user interface and faster filtering engine  New System tools – for diagnostics and computer administration  New simplified product line – centered around the top selling Internet Security suite  New AVG design graphics – refreshed to underline the new product What’s New in AVG (II)

4 What’s Improved in AVG  Improved Resident Shield – can serve more simultaneous file open requests  Improved Anti-Spam – the engine delivers faster performance  Improved E-mail Scanner – enabled control of mails in different formats (also HTML)  Improved Update Manager – updates more easily than before through a new UI

5 New User Interface (UI)  Simplified Navigation  Basic UI designed for home users  Advanced setting for experienced users  High usability ratings confirmed by user-testing

6 New User Interface (UI)

7 High-Performance Scanning Engine  Combined AV and AS detection for greater efficiency  Completely re-written scanning engine  Support for new file types and archive formats  New emulator allows more effective heuristics analysis

8  Lower memory consumption  Supported multithreading for multi-core CPUs  Engine fully portable to other OS  Available for 32 and 64 bit Windows  Note: Linux, FreeBSD version will be available soon High-Performance Scanning Engine

9  The patent pending technology of LinkScanner offers safe web browsing in real-time and protects against drive-by downloads and other potential threats from poisoned web pages.  Competition products such as McAfee SiteAdvisor are unable to provide real-time protection because they rely on static database of suspect sites that can be days or weeks old. New LinkScanner Technology (I)

10  Active Surf-Shield - ”the safe surf" – provides real-time definitive analysis of websites and blocks exploits  Search-Shield - ” the safe search“ - Works with major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) and displays an icon next to each link on the search engine with a safety rating. Dangerous websites are blocked. New LinkScanner Technology (II)

11 Product Line Changes  Free upgrades for all users AVG 7.5 ProductAVG 8.0 Product AVG 7.5 Anti-Virus AVG 7.5 Anti-Spyware AVG 7.5 Anti-Malware AVG 8.0 Anti-Virus AVG 7.5 Anti-Virus plus FirewallAVG 8.0 Anti-Virus plus Firewall AVG 7.5 Internet SecurityAVG 8.0 Internet Security AVG 7.5 Internet Security Home EditionAVG 8.0 Internet Security 3-pack AVG 7.5 Anti-Virus Network Edition AVG 7.5 Anti-Malware Network Edition AVG 8.0 Anti-Virus Network Edition AVG 7.5 Internet Security Network Edition AVG 8.0 Internet Security Network Edition AVG 7.5 Anti-Malware SBS EditionAVG 8.0 Anti-Virus SBS Edition AVG 7.5 Internet Security SBS EditionAVG 8.0 Internet Security SBS Edition AVG 7.5 Email Server EditionAVG 8.0 Email Server Edition AVG 7.5 File Server EditionAVG 8.0 File Server Edition

12 AVG 8.0 Product Line Functionality

13 Prices (I)  After the release of AVG 8.0 there will be only ONE pricelist available for all products and processes.  You will find the pricelist in the section: “Sales Info” > “Pricing and Payment” of your AVG Reseller Center account.  Cross-upgrades to more advanced products will be charged at the price difference between the two products according to the most recent product price list

14 License Renewal Policy (I)  All resellers receive their normal club discount on standard renewals: -Gold 40% -Silver 30% -Authorized 20%  All resellers receive 20% discount on already discounted renewals (Gov/Edu/Non profit)

15 License Renewal Policy (II)  There are no end-user discounts on Home Security products (1 – 10 licenses)  There is a 10% end-user discount on Business Security products (2+licenses) and the reseller discount will be calculated based on the discounted price

16 License Renewal Policy (III)  Let’s look what this means to your business

17 OS Support IMPORTANT!!!!  Operating systems MS Windows 98, MS Windows ME, MS Windows NT Server 4.0 and MS Windows NT will only be supported for AVG 7.5 products until 31.12.2008 and will not be supported in AVG 8.0.

18 AVG 8.0 Compatibility - OS  MS Windows 2000  MS Windows XP  MS Windows XP Pro x64Edition  MS Windows Vista  MS Windows Vista x64 Edition  MS Windows 2000 Server  MS Windows 2003 Server  MS Windows 2003 Server x64Edition  Linux i386  FreeBSD

19 AVG 8.0 Compatibility - Applications  MS Exchange Server 5.x  MS Exchange Server 2000/2003  MS Exchange Server 2007 * available soon  Lotus Domino (MS Windows)  Lotus Domino (Linux i386)  PostFix  QMail  SendMail  Exim  ICQ (IM Protection)  MSN (IM Protection)  Internet Explorer (LinkScanner)  Mozilla Firefox (LinkScanner)

20 Supported languages – All Products  German  English  Brazilian Portuguese  Portuguese  Czech  Slovak  Polish  Danish  Spanish  French  Hungarian  Serbian  Italian  Japanese  Dutch

21 Supported languages – AVG RA  English  Brazilian Portuguese  Czech  German  French  Italian

22 Licensing  You may wonder whether there will be any changes in the licenses of AVG product with the new AVG 8.0 product line.  The only change is that AVG products will be available for online purchase up to 200 licenses in bundles of 10 licenses (AVG Network and Server Editions).

23 „New look“ of AVG products  Please see below the examples of the “new look” of AVG products, logos and branding elements.  You will find the new logos, branding, brochures and Style guide etc. and the instructions how to use them in your AVG Reseller Center account in the section “Marketing Resources”.

24 Thank you for your attention Please send any inquiries you may have to

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