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Teachers: How to Engage Parents _________ Parental Involvement 2012-2013.

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1 Teachers: How to Engage Parents _________ Parental Involvement 2012-2013

2 Purpose To help develop partnerships to significantly improve student performance.

3 Why the Lack of Parental Involvement? The following factors influence parents’ participation: Beliefs about the teacher or school. Time commitments. Parents' own educational experiences in school.

4 Benefits of Involving Parents Research shows a strong link between family involvement and educational performance of children: Better school attendance. Greater enrollment in post-secondary education. Higher grades and test scores. Higher graduation rates. More positive attitudes about school.

5 School Factors Impact Parents' Involvement When school staff engage in caring and trustful relationships with parents, these relationships enhance parents’ desire to be involved and influence how they participate in their children's educational development.

6 Getting Parents Involved Establish relationships with families of students, especially those students new to the school and/or students who are academically at-risk, Seek parents’ support and guidance in promoting academic success and social growth for their child. Make telephone calls to parents to set up conferences.

7 Home Communication During the initial telephone conversation with the student’s parents, teachers should: Indicate a desire to meet with them Encourage their participation Exchange contact information

8 Parent Conferences Schedule appointments to meet with parents/caregivers of students. Meetings should be held in an environment that is comfortable for both the teacher and the parents/caregivers. Have talking points and forms to assist with this meeting.

9 Points to Remember Parents are their child’s first teacher. Emphasize this point often. Spend a few minutes greeting the parent; thank him/her for allowing you to meet to discuss the student from the perspective of the parent. Listen to what the parent has to say. Show respect for the parent’s role and capacity to be involved in the student’s education and life.

10 Suggested Talking Prompts 1. Tell me about what your child likes to do, such as… What are some of his/her favorite TV shows? What games does he/she like to play? Does your child like to read? What kinds of stories/books does he/she like to read best? 2. What should I know about his/her personality? 3. What are his/her favorite subjects in school? 4. What else do you think I need to know about your child?

11 Talking Prompts - Continued 5. What’s the best way for us to stay in touch with each other? 6. Would you be interested in helping out in the classroom? How would you like to volunteer and when is best for you? 7. Are there any circumstances at home that I should know about that might affect your child’s learning? 8. Do you have any questions for me?

12 Final Prompt to the Parent I am looking forward to a really successful year with your child. Let’s work together to have a great school year!

13 Additional Information? Contact: Your school administrator or Gwendolyn Longmire, Ph.D. Director of Federal Programs (225) 658-4969

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