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Unit 5 Our environment Climate change.

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2 Unit 5 Our environment Climate change







9 Ovde unesi reč Ovde klikni da dobiješ prevod Ovde klikni da čuješ izgovor Ovde vidiš vrstu reči i sinonime

10 Exercise 1- Match 1.the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic 2.cutting down a forest 3.harmful chemicals in the air or water 4.coal, oil and gas 5.carbon dioxide 6.when there is no rain for a long time 7.the tropical forests 8.tropical storms 9.gases that trap the Sun’s heat 10.These produce electricity. 11.The Earth is getting hotter. A drought B power stations C global warming D the ice caps E rainforests F CO 2 G pollution H greenhouse gases I deforestation J hurricanes K fossil fuels

11 A.Fill in the gaps in the text ”Global warming: it’s biggest cause“, page 56. B.Click on this icon to start the sound C.Let’s check warming 2.greenhouse gases 3.CO2 caps 5.hurricanes 6.drought 7.fossil fuels 8.power stations 9.deforestation 10.rainforests Unused word: pollution Exercise 2

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