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1 Pyramid






7 Creating Evaluating Analysing Applying Understanding Remembering

8 Remembering Can you recall the formula Can you select …? for …?
Understanding Applying Analysing Evaluating Creating Can you identify the main parts of …? I can remember facts about the information What were the main …? Remembering

9 Understanding Describe the steps involved in …?
Applying Analysing Evaluating Creating Remembering Can you explain what it means by …? What do you predict will happen when/if …? Can you explain the ideas in the information How would you summarise …? Understanding

10 Applying How would you organise … to show …?
Understanding Analysing Evaluating Creating Remembering What facts would you select to show …? What examples can you find to …? How would you apply what you have learned, to develop …? I can use the information in a new way Applying

11 Analysing What is the relationship between …?
Understanding Evaluating Creating Remembering What the best way to solve …? Can you work out what the structure of … is/would be? Applying I can break down the information to understand it better. What patterns can you see in …? Analysing

12 Creating Can you suggest an alternative/better way to …?
Understanding Remembering Evaluating Can you design/invent a new way to …? Analysing Can you formulate (come up with) a theory for …? Applying I can say what I think about the information and back up my opinion. Can you predict the outcome if …? Creating

13 What information would you use to support (and justify) your approach …?
Understanding Creating Remembering Analysing Would it be better if …? Based on what you know, how would you explain …? Applying I can use the information to build new ideas. What is your opinion of …? Evaluating

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