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What’s the Deal With… Academic Success: The Do’s and Don’ts of Freshman Year.

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1 What’s the Deal With… Academic Success: The Do’s and Don’ts of Freshman Year

2 What’s the Deal with: Student Success at GW A Joint Presentation by the Division of Student Affairs and GW Libraries

3 Transitioning to GW  How is college different from High School?  Independence  Accountability  No Parents  Advocating for Yourself  Taking Care of Yourself Do: Take responsibility for your success Don’t: Wait for others to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing

4 Student Schedules  What other commitments might you have?  Classes and Studying/Homework  Health and Wellness (Grocery shopping, going to the gym, doctor’s appointments)  Student Organizations  Sports  Jobs  Community Service  Social Commitments  Sleep! Do: Keep a calendar! Don’t: Keep your calendar in your head…..

5 Life as a GW Student

6 Academic Resources: Faculty  Role of Faculty  What are office hours and why do they matter?  How do you ask a faculty member for help?  What are some advantages to developing a professional relationship with faculty? Do: Go to office hours to build a relationship with faculty Don’t: Wait until the end of the semester to visit your professor’s office

7 Academic Resources: Emailing a Professor What NOT to Do What to do Hey Tracy, So like I came to class for the first time yesterday and I have a TON of ?s about what you were even saying. Would it be cool if I came and chatted with you, we could get some coffee or hang out? Maybe if we hung out I would actually do well in your class. K thanks. Dear Professor Arwari, How are you? I hope you’re having a good day! I had some more questions about what we covered in class yesterday (the past subjunctive) and would like to make an appointment during your office hours. What would be a convenient time to come by? Thanks for your help and I’ll see you soon. Sincerely, John Smith

8 Academic Resources: Talking with your professors  How should you approach your professors?  What should you talk about?  Let’s see how it’s done… Do: Show your faculty that you’re passionate about their class Don’t: Come to office hours unprepared

9 Academic Resources: GW Libraries  Big Picture  Open late: 24 hours most days  More than 300 databases and 40,000 electronic journals  Access to nearly 11 million things via the Consortium  Interlibrary loan  The caveat is time  Don’t get overwhelmed. Get Help!  There are no stupid questions at the library  Getting help: IM, Research Appointments, Research guides  Specialist Librarians  University Level Research is Different  We’re more than just JSTOR  Librarians are embedded into every UW1020, think of them as your personal librarian  Specialized resources at every level Do: Ask for Help Don’t: Wait until the last minute

10 Other Academic Resources  Faculty Guides & Faculty-in-Residence  9 Faculty Guides & 9 Faculty-in-Residence  Create programming that brings intellectual discourse into the residence halls  Goals of the program:  Make faculty more approachable  Show students how to engage with faculty  Demonstrate the value of extracurricular learning Do: Interact with faculty outside the classroom Don’t: Be afraid of your faculty, they’re people too

11 Other Academic Resources  Academic Advisors  How is your academic advisor different from your high school guidance counselor?  Four year relationship  When (and why) should you contact your academic advisor? Do: Use your academic advisor as a guide to academics at GW Don’t: Ignore your advisor if they reach out to you, they’re here to help!

12 University Support Programs  The Writing Center  The GW Libraries  The Tutoring Initiative  The Language Center  Disability Support Services  Residence Advisors  Colonial Health Center Do: Seek out the resources available on campus Don’t: Be afraid to use them, they could open up new doors to success at GW

13 How to help yourself (and others!)  What happens when you get off-track?  Look out for one another  CARE Network  Who submits a CARE form?  Who is in the CARE Network?  What happens next?  Visit: Do: Take care of yourself and others Don’t: Be afraid to ask for help for yourself or others

14 Summer “Homework”  Setting yourself up for success in the Fall  Set up your own sleep schedule (remember to get sleep)  Learn how to make travel reservations without the help of your parents  Start to think about how you’ll manage a budget  Talk to your parents about how you’ll get medical care in DC if you need it  Talk to your support network at home about how you’ll handle big emotional changes Do: Get excited about coming to GW Don’t: Wait until you move in to prepare yourself for life at GW

15 Do you have questions? We have answers!  For more information, feel free to contact  Good luck for a fantastic and successful year ahead! WELCOME TO GW, CLASS OF 2019!

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