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Bellringer: EOCT Review Questions

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1 Bellringer: EOCT Review Questions
1.The term “Cold War” refers to: a. The distrust between the US and the Soviet Union that many feared would lead to an actual war in the years following WWII b. The war fought in Germany after WWII between Communists and Democrats c. The war fought between North and South Korea d. The war fought between the US and china following the Chinese Revolution 2. The Truman Doctrine stated: a. the US wouldn’t tolerate Communists in the US b. The US would not hesitate to intervene to help foreign nations who were trying to fight against Communists c. The US would not cross the 38th parallel during the Korea War d. The US would support Mao’s Revolution in China 3. Who was Joseph McCarthy? 4. What was the purpose of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)?

2 Korean War and Cuban Missile Crisis

3 Korean War At the end of WW II Korea was split into two nations at the 38th parallel Both the North and the South formed their own governments and claimed the entire country as their own. In 1950 the Soviet backed North Korean Army (communists) invaded South Korea (capitalists) nearly capturing the whole country

4 President Truman placed General Douglas MacArthur in charge.
The U.S. Army, backed by United Nations troops, counter-attacked and pushed the North Korean Army to the border of China Feeling threatened by the advance, China attacked and forced the U.S. to retreat back behind the 38th parallel

5 The Korean War MacArthur wanted to go on the offensive against China, Truman refused to give this order MacArthur publicly denounced Truman’s decision MacArthur was fired Korean War ended in a stalemate North Korea remained Communist, and South Korea remained non-Communist

6 Recap: The Korean War Why did the Chinese enter the war?
They were a communist country Why wouldn’t America go on the Offensive? “containment” meant to prevent the SPREAD of communism- defend non-communist countries from becoming communist Is the Korean War seen as a success or a failure? Stalemate “forgotten war” What is a limited war? War fought to win one specific goal (i.e. containment)

7 Cold War: In Cuba

8 Problems in Cuba In 1959 Fidel Castro overthrew the American supported leader of Cuba, Batista. Cuba took control of all U.S. property in Cuba, including land and factories The new Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, became allies with the Soviet Union

9 Bay of Pigs -Bay of Pigs: CIA’s plan for the invasion of Cuba in order to overthrow Castro. -When John Kennedy became President in 1961, he inherited a plan from the previous President, Eisenhower -----4min

10 The U.S. worried that the Soviet Union would use Cuba as a base to spread Communism through out the Western Hemisphere Though only the President for three months, Kennedy listened to his advisors and approved the secret plan which called for 1,500 Cuban exiles to attack, supported by U.S. planes

11 Bay of Pigs = DIASTER! 1- News of the attack leaked out days before it happened 2-The attack site, the “Bay of Pigs”, was poorly chosen with coral reefs slowing down the landing craft, and swampy land causing problems once ashore 3- In an effort to hide U.S. involvement, Kennedy refused to send in the expected air support 4- Within days Cuba had captured or killed the invaders


13 Cuban Missile Crisis min Summary

14 Cuban Missile Crisis In 1962 U.S. spy planes photographed Soviet made long range missiles being set-up in Cuba

15 Cuban Missile Crisis 1. a naval blockade of Cuba
Kennedy ordered the following 1. a naval blockade of Cuba 2. demanded that the Soviets remove the missiles 3. warned Soviet Union that the U.S. would launch an all out nuclear missile attack if any missiles were fired from Cuba

16 Cuban Missile Crisis The Soviets ignored the warning and continued to work on the sites Many in the U.S. believed that a nuclear holocaust (mass killing) would occur In late October, after secretly negotiating with the Soviets, disaster was avoided The Soviet Union agreed to pull out of Cuba if the U.S. promised not to invade the island

17 Closing: Exit Ticket How did the spread of communism lead to the Korean War and the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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