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Random Discussions Spin the PPT using the s key When it stops, START discussing!

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1 Random Discussions Spin the PPT using the s key When it stops, START discussing!

2 Driving There are too many rules and regulations on the road in the UK. Agree? Drivers are very polite. Agree? What should we do about the parking problem? Boys are better drivers than girls. Agree? Cars should be banned. Agree? Ever been in an accident? Whats the hardest thing about driving?

3 Food and Eating 1. What is your favorite restaurant? 2. Do you like spicy food? 3. Do you prefer take out or eating in? 1. Do you snack a lot? 2. What can you cook really well? 3. What do you usually have for _________?

4 Travel 1. Where was your last vacation? 2. Where do you want to go one day? 3. What do you usually buy for souvenirs? 1. What airline do you use? 2. What was your best ever vacation? 3. Do you like to travel alone or with a group?

5 At the Movies 1. What movie did you last see? 2. Do you sit at the front or the back? 3. Who is your favorite actor? 1. What kinds of movies do you usually watch? 2. Do you buy any food when at the movies? 3. Which theatre is the best? Why?

6 Sports 1. Which sports do you watch on tv? 2. What sport did you first do? 3. What do you think is the most difficult sport? 1. What sport do you prefer to do these days? 2. Is there an athlete that you look up to? 3. Did you watch the last Olympics? What did you like?

7 The Future 1. Will you get any more education? 2. What will the world be like for your children? 3. What will the weather be like tomorrow? 1. Are you going to go grocery shopping this week? 2. Are you going to visit family soon? 3. Are you going home after this class?

8 Small Talk 1. Whats up! 2. Do you usually come here? 3. Could you tell me where you got your _________? 1. Hows the family? 2. Long time no see. What have you been doing lately? 3. Any plans for the weekend?

9 Family and friends 1. How big is your family? 2. Whats your _____ like? 3. How often does your family get together? 1. Who is your best friend? Whats __ like? 2. Does anyone in your family bug you? 3. Who is your favorite family member? Why?

10 Education 1. Did you like high school? 2. What was your favorite subject at school. 3. What would you redo if you could? 1. Were you popular in high school? 2. Do you think teachers get paid enough money? 3. Who was your favorite teacher? How come?

11 Clothes and fashion 1. Do you have a lot of clothes? 2. Whats your favorite color? 3. Do the clothes make the man? 1. Do you like dressing up? 2. Where do you buy your clothes? 3. What piece of clothing do you refuse to wear?

12 The Internet 1. What website would you recommend? 2. Do you have high speed at home? 3. Do you have a home page? 1. Is the internet dangerous for children? 2. Have you ever uploaded a video? 3. How has the internet changed you or society?

13 Shopping 1. Where do you usually grocery shop? 2. What things do you wish were cheaper? 3. Do you use cash a lot? 1. Do you make a list before shopping? 2. What dont you like about shopping? 3. Did you buy anything quite expensive this year?

14 Likes and dislikes 1. Chicken or pizza 2. Nike or Adidas 3. Chocolate or Vanilla 4. Pop or Juice 1. News or Sports 2. Country or City 3. Spring or Fall 4. Cats or Dogs

15 Money 1. Where do you bank? 2. Do you have more than 1 credit card? 3. Do you find it difficult to save? 1. Has anyone borrowed money from you? 2. What do you think is too expensive these days? 3. Should the government run a deficit?

16 Jobs and Careers 1. What does you father do? 2. What career would you want for your child? 3. Do you think women get a fair deal? 1. What was your first job? 2. Where would you like to work? 3. What are your career goals?

17 Silly Questions 1. Why is the sky blue? 2. Do you enjoy swimming when it is snowing? 3. Why do things fall down not up? 1. Why do things get dirty? 2. Why do we have 12 months, why not 20? 3. Why do we live longer than dogs?

18 Beliefs 1. Do you believe in UFOs? 2. Do you believe a doing good is repaid? 3. Do you believe that the future will be better or worse than now? 1. Do you believe acupuncture works? 2. Do you believe people can read minds? 3. Do you believe in life after death?

19 Favorites 1. Whats your favorite drink? 2. Whats your favorite hang out? 3. What is your favorite brand? 1. Who is your favorite musician/band? 2. What is your favorite place to relax? 3. What is your favorite TV show?

20 Health and Fitness 1. Do you think exercise will help you live longer? 2. What forms of fitness are best? 3. Do you take vitamins? 1. Did you exercise this week? 2. How long should you workout each day? 3. Can you do too much exercise or be addicted to it?

21 Opinions 1. Should we spend $ and send men to Mars? 2. Is technology destroying society? 3. Should we clone animals? 1. Should we have a law putting more women in government? 2. Do you agree with ultimate fighting? 3. Do you think America should be in Afghanistan?

22 History 1. Does history go to the victors? 2. Are you good at history? 3. What was the most important invention of all time? 1. What if the Germans had won WWII? 2. Do you think history is an important subject? Why? 3. Who is on our _______ bill?

23 Current Events 1. Which was the top news item in 2010? 2. Do you think Obama is doing a good job? 3. Wikileaks – good or bad? 1. Is global warming a fact? 2. In your opinion, who was Time Man of the year? 3. Which news channel do you watch? Which newspaper do you buy?

24 Holidays 1. What holiday do you NOT like? Why? 2. Are there enough holidays? 3. Where did you spend your last holiday? 1. What should be the next national holiday? 2. Which holidays do you travel on? 3. What do you usually do over Christmas holidays?

25 Preferences 1. Hot or cold weather? 2. Playing with children or alone? 3. Driving a car or being driven? 1. Money or fame? 2. Loving someone or being loved? 3. Action or Romance films?

26 Animals and Pets 1. Do you have any pets? 2. What animal do you always visit at the zoo? 3. Do you have trouble killing insects? 1. What animal would you never have as a pet? How come? 2. Should city people be allowed to have big dogs? 3. What animal is most like you?

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