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Designing Literacy Initiatives Nicole Hochholzer Literacy Coordinator, Kaukauna High School, WI Consultant, International Center for Leadership in Education To hear this webinar you will need to choose your audio mode. Go to the control panel in the upper right corner of your screen and click the button of how you will be listening. Your choices: Use telephone Use mic & speakers If using mic & speakers make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear If using the telephone Dial:  Access Code: Audio PIN: unique PIN shown in audio control panel on screen Technical difficulties? Contact (518) All participants are on mute.

2 Webinar Guidelines All participants are on mute during the entire webinar. Presentation portion will be 45 minutes Questions and Answers portion will be 15 minutes To ask a question type it in the question control panel in the upper right corner of your screen. Content questions will be answered in the order they were received at the end of the webinar presentation. We will send you a follow up with the PowerPoint presentation and helpful resources

3 Designing Literacy Initiatives Thursday, September 16, 2010
Nicole Hochholzer Consultant, International Center Literacy Coordinator, Kaukauna High School

4 Successful literacy initiatives generally address five steps:
Identify the literacy issues and needs in the school. Develop consensus around the need for change. Build capacity to address the literacy issues and needs with staff. Design action steps to support change over time. Monitor, evaluate, and modify plans as success is achieved.

5 School Improvement Through a Literacy Focus
introduces the need for schoolwide literacy planning emphasizes the relationship between school culture and improving literacy across all disciplines and grades sets the foundation for planning using a four-stage model for schoolwide improvement





10 Planning for Growth and Change at Brockton
outlines the planning and growth at Brockton freshman academies use of data for decision making importance of Restructuring Committee faculty buy-in safety nets organizational structures

11 The Literacy Initiative at Brockton
train-the-trainer model measuring outcomes training scripts common vision and vocabulary celebrations


13 Evidence of Success at Brockton
data that demonstrates success how data is used to influence instructional decisions

14 Four Case Studies of Schoolwide Literacy Initiatives
Jensen Beach HS LaGrange HS JEB Stuart HS Pasadena ISD

15 Four Case Studies of Schoolwide Literacy Initiatives
Jensen Beach High School Writing Across the Curriculum Read-Alouds Deliberate Plan

16 Four Case Studies of Schoolwide Literacy Initiatives
J.E.B. Stuart High School Faculty-drive Strategy Focus

17 Tools for Literacy Improvement
four-stage literacy improvement process six highly effective tools: Components of School Excellence Principles of Change Rigor/Relevance Framework Learning Criteria to Support 21st Century Learners We Surveys Suite Leading with Literacy Survey

18 Leading with Literacy Rubric

19 Content Area Strategies
for individual teachers for schoolwide approach as part of professional development plan for all content areas for specific content areas

20 Content Area Strategies
Vocabulary Strategies – The Great Equalizer Vocab Knowledge Rating Sheet Vocab Squares Concept Definition Map

21 Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Sheet Unit of study:___________
WORD 3 Can define it, use it, teach it 2 Heard it, seen it 1 Do not know it Definition, example, and/or image 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Source: Kinsella and Feldman

22 Vocabulary Squares Term Definition Example How I will remember this

23 Concept Definition Map
What is it? (definition) What is it like? LITERACY What are some examples?

24 Content Area Strategies
Strategies For All Content Areas HIP (High Intensity Practice) INSERT Rock Around the Clock RAFT

25 INSERT STRATEGY Confirms what you thought Contradicts what you thought
Raises a question Confuses you Seems important Is new or interesting X ? ?? !

26 Using RAFTs for Book of the Month
Each month, select a high-interest Young Adult title and amass 25 copies Create a RAFT assignment for students to complete Once complete, student selects teacher who will give ____ amount of extra credit

27 RAFT for Briar Rose Role – Rebecca Audience – General Public
Format – newspaper article Topic – explaining the mystery of her grandmother’s belongings

28 RAFT for Double Helix Role – Eli Samuels Audience – Dr. Wyatt
Format – letter Topic – discussing the ethical issues surrounding his attempt to cure Huntington’s Disease

29 Content Area Strategies
Strategies For Specific Content Areas CTE – Give One Get One Fine Arts – Semantic Feature Analysis Math – SG4R Physical Education – ABC Squares

30 S G 4 R

31 S G 4 R

32 Visit the Resource Center or
Literacy for Grades 7-12 NEW! Visit the Resource Center or

33 Our first teacher handbook
for literacy is being developed by the authors.

34 Nicole Hochholzer (920) (920) x5430

35 Questions and Answers with Nicole
This is the end of the presentation portion. Submit questions at this time and stay on to hear the answers. If you are logging off, thank you for attending and we will you with follow-up information. For more information

36 Thank you for attending!
Literacy Resources White papers and DVDs Model Schools Conference Workshops, On-going training Train-the-trainer Keynoter Speakers Resource Kits and Handbooks (518) |

37 19th Annual Model Schools Conference
June 26-29, Nashville Showcasing the nation’s most successful practices for improving student achievement and growth!

38 October 22-24, 2010 Washington, D.C.
K-12 School Reinvention Symposium Where Best Practices Meet Next Practices October 22-24, 2010 Washington, D.C.

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