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Open Access Moving into the mainstream. Professor Chris McManus University college London.

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1 Open Access Moving into the mainstream

2 Professor Chris McManus University college London.

3 What is BioMed Central? Independent online publishing house committed to providing peer-reviewed research across all areas of biology and medicine, with immediate, barrier-free open access for all. Using other business models to maintain our open access policy including: Article processing charges (~£750/$1300 p/a) BioMed Central Membership

4 Incredible growth Supporters - Universities, societies, funding agencies and government Journals - BioMed Central now has over 150 journals - 33 tracked by ISI; 15 with impact factors - Over 26000 submitted articles; 12000 published articles - Traditional publishers introducing open access options Authors - 2004 – 11% published in open access - 2005 – 29% published in open access


6 Funding Agencies


8 Government EC Report calls for change in science publishing ence=IP/06/414 ence=IP/06/414 Recommendations: Set up EU policy mandating EC-funded research to be made open access; aim at a level playing field and allocating money to libraries for subscription journals and for author pays journals. House of Commons (UK) Inquiry into Scientific Publishing mselect/cmsctech/399/39902.htm The report concludes that the publishing of scientific research is unsatisfactory and that change on all sides is needed as a matter of urgency. Recommends that UK research funding bodies mandate free access to all their research findings and that the Research Councils each establish a fund to which their funded researchers can apply should they wish to publish their articles using the author-pays model.

9 Traditional publishers

10 Societies Launching open access journals with BioMed Central: Geochemical Transactions - Geochemistry Division of the American Chemical Society Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica - Veterinary Associations of the Nordic Countries Chiropractic & Osteopathy - Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases - subunit of INSERM Chinese Medicine - International Society of Chinese Medicine Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research - Chinese Speaking Orthopaedic Society BioPsychoSocial Medicine - Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine

11 BioMed Centrals Journals Over 150 open access journals Biology and medicine – Journal of Biology, BMC Biology, BMC Medicine – BMC series journals – Independent journals Veterinary research NEW – BMC Veterinary Research - Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica Chemistry NEW Chemistry Central – Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry – Geochemical Transactions Physics NEW



14 Journals with Impact Factors BMC Bioinformatics impact factor: 5.42 Respiratory Research impact factor: 4.03 Arthritis Research & Therapy impact factor: 4.55 BMC Genomics impact factor: 3.25 Critical Care impact factor: 3.21 BMC Molecular Biology impact factor: 3.12 Breast Cancer Research impact factor: 2.98 BMC Cell Biology impact factor: 2.62 BMC Cancer impact factor: 2.29 BMC Infectious Diseases impact factor: 2.07 BMC Public Health impact factor: 1.55 BMC Health Services Research impact factor: 1.23 BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders impact factor: 1.00 BMC Genetics impact factor: 0.92 Trials impact factor: 1.70

15 Journals waiting for impact factors BMC Biotechnology impact factor due June 2007 BMC Evolutionary Biology impact factor due June 2006 BMC Gastroenterology impact factor due June 2006 BMC Medical Genetics impact factor due June 2008 BMC Microbiology impact factor due June 2007 BMC Neuroscience impact factor due June 2006 Journal of Translational Medicine impact factor due June 2008 BMC Plant Biology*impact factor due June 2008 Retrovirology impact factor due June 2009 Malaria Journal impact factor due June 2006 Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology impact factor due June 2008 Genome Biology impact factor due June 2006 BMC Developmental Biology*impact factor due June 2008 BMC Immunology *impact factor due June 2008 BMC Neurology* impact factor due June 2008 BMC Structural Biology*impact factor due June 2008 Microbial Cell Factories impact factor due June 2008

16 Citation and downloads PNAS open access articles receive 50% more full-text accesses and PDF downloads than subscription-access articles. Kenneth R. Fulton, PNAS Publisher Independent study by CIBER found that senior authors believe downloads to be more credible measure of the usefulness of research then traditional citations.

17 3.5 million page views per month

18 Authors embracing OA Independent study by CIBER found: Research community is now much aware of the open access issue (up 10% percentage points from 2004) Big fall in authors knowing nothing at all about open access (down 25 points) Authors publishing in OA up from 11% (2004) to 29% (2005) 75% of authors surveyed agreed with the statement: High Prices make it difficult to access literature

19 Benefits of publishing in open access journals? Free Access =Maximum Visibility Higher chances to be cited Immediate publication and included in PubMed Authors retain copyright BMC promotes selected articles Unlimited space for figures and data

20 The Service BioMed Central offers… Efficient Peer Review all papers are peer reviewed in the traditional way Secure Archiving all articles are permanently archived in PubMed Central, INIST (an other international archives) Searchable and retrievable: all included in PubMed, Scirus, Google, CrossRef, HINARI (some journals are indexed in MEDLINE, Biosis, CAS, an increasing number tracked by ISI for citations)

21 What do authors like about BioMed Central? Speed with which article is included in PubMed and other abstracting/indexing services Final appearance of article Helpfulness of editorial staff Speed of online manuscript submission system Over 90% of authors would recommend us to a colleague.

22 Professor Chris McManus published in BMC Medicine.

23 Ask anytime: Natasha Robshaw Any questions?

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