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 Dokeos  open source elearning

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1  Dokeos  open source elearning
Introducing Dokeos  Dokeos  open source elearning

2 Contents What is Dokeos Advantages of Dokeos
Community interaction & development Future Dokeos introduction version 1

3 What is Dokeos (1) Dokeos is an elearning environment
Course management Tools for learning / training

4 What is Dokeos (2) Dokeos is a web application
Runs on a server, works on any browser Uses PHP and MySQL Any server, any platform Tested with Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Apache, IIS...

5 History First created by Thomas De Praetere
Dokeos grew out of experience with inflexible commercial tools Developers looked at existing tools: WebCT, Blackboard to build a better alternative 2003: code split Claroline - Dokeos

6 Code split Claroline: mainly developed by one university only (UCL, Belgium) UCL had no interest in international collaborative development Dokeos is for those who do As a result, Dokeos evolves faster and is more true to open source spirit

7 Comparison Compared to commercial tools, Dokeos is More flexible
More open in ideas More open in source More open in standards: real SCORM/IMS Flexibility example: ease of integrating with existing tools or information databases

8 Comparison Compared to other OSS tools, Dokeos is
In friendly competition Share ideas Whole open source community benefits Dokeos tries to be the most userfriendly

9 Support Dokeos is not just software
Software developed by many organisations Support delivered by localised firms In Belgium: by Thomas De Praetere and partners Software + hosting + customisation + service + migration + content + helpdesk

10 Development process Developers in Belgium, Spain, Chili, Hungary, India... Translations, bug reports, bugfixes, ideas from many more countries All communication is open, meetings through chat and forum, summaries published for the whole world Project hosted on SourceForge (professional development tools like CVS)

11 User Wishes The user is the most important element in the development process Software is meant for the users Developers act on feedback and requests Good user interface theories to solve conflict between features and ease of use

12 Opensource Cost Analysis
Product is zero price Bugfixing: developer community fixes bugs New feature requests: convince normal developers, or pay service firm Better quality, less cost

13 Strengths and Advantages
Userfriendliness Easy to install and maintain Translated into 28 languages, translation efforts are still increasing Open standards: PHP, MySQL, XML, SCORM, IMS, CSV, LDAP, CURL... Very flexible and easy to extend Uses stylesheets so admins can change appearance as easy as for any website

14 Future Dokeos releases 1.5 and added many new features, bugfixing, standards compliance Future releases: polish and improve existing tools, improve standards compliance Think about collaborative tools

15 Long-term Future Make Dokeos the most succesful elearning software
Maintain userfriendliness Keep tools flexible Increase the user community Build up the developers community

16 The End

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