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These images represent the evolution of chemistry. Lets take a look at what they indicate.

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3 These images represent the evolution of chemistry. Lets take a look at what they indicate.

4 400 B.C. 400 B.C.

5 Hot Dry Cold Wet




9 Fifth Element makes up the celestial bodies Gold is the perfect metal. All other metals are less perfect. The fifth element is so divine that it can turn the lesser metals (like iron and lead) into gold.

10 Elixir of life (a fountain of youth) Fifth Element Quintessence Philosophers stone Sorcerers stone




14 Many + Parts



17 C C O O C C C C








25 Nylon was discovered in 1935. The name nylon is derived from two cities where it was discovered namely New York (NY) and London (LON).

26 Nylon Nylon was discovered in 1935. The name nylon is derived from two cities where it was discovered namely New York (ny) and London (lon). H O C O H O C O Blue=negative, electrons more abundant Red=positive, protons more abundant Brown = neutral, electrons & protons equal Nitrogen Oxygen Carbon Hydrogen

27 H H O C C O H H H H H H N





32 Evolution of the atom






38 …you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe…



41 nano=1/billionth (very small)




45 0.07 nm






51 In 1903 Nobel Prize for Physics. In 1911 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for her discovery and isolation of pure radium. Died of Leukemia (radiation induced) Father of modern chemistry Wrote first chemistry textbook Effort to pay for laboratory resulted in being beheaded





56 Atoms of different elements make up all matter in the universe. What makes up atoms?

57 Electrons (-) Protons (+) Neutrons





62 From a distance things may look like they are just sitting still, but up close a lot of activity could be happening.









71 01011011 = m key 01001011 = M key Ctrl key shuts off 5 th & 7th switches Shift key turns off 5 th switch 00001011 = Return key Launch Notepad






77 Survival Finding & preserving food Finding or building a shelter Temperature (warmth or cooling) (Safety) Awareness of dangers Protection from attack Protection from illness Preservation of personal energies/monies.


79 Check Internet: or

80 Needed about the 4 th week of class.


82 Center for Teaching and Learning



85 No one likes tests, even teachers. In the old days, when people learned by apprenticeship, there wasnt a need for tests because the master knew how the apprentice was doing by watching them and regularly asking them questions. However, in a classroom of 40 students, the instructor may have know idea how much a student has learned, so a test is one way of finding out.

86 One philosophy of teaching is that instructors are only sure that they have taught the subject if they find out that students have learned the subject. In other words, I must ask you a lot of questions to see if both you and I are doing a good job.

87 My expectation is that everyone understands everything on the test and gets it 100% right. Everyone may not get it 100% the first time, but they should get it correct on the 2 nd, or 3 rd time. It makes no sense to go on when there is something critical missing. Much of chemistry builds off the previous material. Of course, a person who takes three tries to get a question right doesnt deserve the same amount of credit of the person who got it right the first time. But getting it right the third time still deserves credit.

88 On problems you missed, you have the opportunity to be retested with a similar problem. You can get 90% of the score you would have gotten if you got it right the first time. Each time you have to redo it will cost another 10%. For example, if you miss a 10 point question but get a similar one correct on the retest, you make 9 points, which is much better than losing all 10 points. You just have to make an extra effort to do it again. In short, Im more interested in you learning the material than giving you low grades. Im not eager to do extra grading, but Im willing to do that if you are willing to put in the time to restudy and retest on what you missed. Final grades are not based on a curve, so students who ace a test the first time shouldnt worry about the students who retake the test to improve their scores.

89 I really hate to talk about points for two reasons First it takes your attention away from the subject. Second, it implies that grading is accurate down to the last little point. It would be hard to prove that a person with 524 points knows more than someone with 523 points. Mathematically it seems accurate, but in actuality grading is not that accurate. It is accurate to the level of recognizing failing performance, unsatisfactory work, fair work, good work, and outstanding work. In other words, the grades of F, D, C, B, & A can be determined, its just the points are only accurate to the nearest grade. With this said, we can use points because it is easy to work with. NOTE: People who focus only on learning the subject do better than those who worry about grades. Thats because when you worry about points and grades, you are not thinking about the subject. Listen and learn in class and grades will take care of themselves.

90 In case you are still interested, here is the breakdown of points that will serve as a guide to your grade Attendance: 100 points 3 tests: 100 points each totaling 300 points Final test: 100 points Poster project: 100 points Miscellaneous assignments: 100 points Total Points: 700

91 I again apologize for this much attention drawn to tests and points. Being aware of them is good, but worrying or being fixated on them will actually take attention away from learning and hurt your grade. Let me worry about this administrative task. The best thing is to get interested in the subject and that motivation will help you do good on any tests that come your way. If you have any special learning needs, let me know. Deaf students will enjoy the many visuals I use in class. Visually impaired students with some vision can get my PowerPoints so they can view them in the librarys Adaptive Lab. Totally blind students will have a bigger challenge, but I am willing to try some alternatives. For me to try to accommodate your special learning needs, you need to first visit our Disabilities Resources Office for assessment and for making arrangements for assistance.

92 Any Questions?

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