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Co-Teaching Helps All Students Succeed

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1 Co-Teaching Helps All Students Succeed
Marie Cianca, Ed.D. June, 2009 Model Schools Conference

2 Session Objectives/Essential Questions
Why co-teach? What is co-teaching? What does the research say about co- teaching? What to consider when implementing co- teaching? What is my learning and working style? How does all this impact my students?

3 54 Million

4 People older than 15 in the US who:
Use a wheelchair, a cane, crutches, or a walker Have difficulty performing one or more functional activities Have difficulty with one or more activities of daily living. Have difficulty with one or more instrumental activities of daily living. ( going outside the home, keeping track of money and bills, preparing meals, taking prescription medicines in the right amount at the right time, and using the telephone.) McNeil, J. (2001). Americans with disabilities. Current Population Reports: Household studies, no <

5 People older than 15 in the US who:
Have one or more specified conditions or any other mental or emotional condition that seriously interfere with everyday activities Have a condition that limits the ability to work around the house Have a condition that makes it difficult to work at a job or business Receive federal benefits based on an inability to work McNeil, J. (2001). Americans with disabilities. Current Population Reports: Household studies, no <

6 Why Co-teach? 6,634,000 Children with disabilities served, ages (2003) 13.7 Percent of children with disabilities within the school population SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (2006). Digest of Education Statistics, 2005 (NCES )

7 Challenge Question!! If this concept were a song, what would the genre of music be and what title would you give it?

8 Benefits of Co-teaching
Professional growth Differentiation Teacher access Behavior management Student engagement

9 What is Co-Teaching? Marilyn Friend’s definition
Two or more professionals who are appropriately credentialed; peers Joint delivery of instruction not simply two educators in a room; Diverse or blended group of students Shared classroom space

10 What is Co-Teaching? Richard Villa’s definition
Two or more people who share responsibility for teaching some or all of the students assigned to a classroom. They: Have a common, publicly agreed-on goal Share belief system that supports each team member’s unique expertise Demonstrate parity by alternating roles Distribute the functions of teaching to all team members; Use a cooperative process that includes face-to-face interactions, positive interdependence, interpersonal skills, monitoring of co-teacher progress and accountability

11 What is Co-Teaching? Anne Beninghof’s definition: Two or more adults
Simultaneously instructing a heterogeneous group of students In a coordinated fashion Co-teaching is not one teacher acting like a helper, just “showing up”, ignoring the needs of students with IEPs or teaching the same old way.

12 What does the research say about co-teaching?
Effective reform initiatives are based on the presumption that effective collaborators will work together to achieve desired aims. Collaboration is especially significant in programs that include students with disabilities Unique, dynamic and problematic differences on teams are what makes collaborative efforts more effective than the efforts of individuals. Plans are more creative, more comprehensive and more likely to succeed because of broader support and commitment.

13 Co-Teaching Approaches
Six Corners

14 Marilyn Friend’s 6 Models of Co-Teaching
One teach, one Observe Parallel Teaching A one teach, one Assist Station Teaching Team Teaching Alternative Teaching

15 Effective Ineffective
Teams List the teams in which you have been a member. Which of these teams is/was most effective? What are the characteristics of effective and ineffective teams from your experience? Effective Ineffective

16 What to consider when co-teaching…
Working Styles Learning Styles


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19 Suggested Readings Understanding coteaching components Susan E Gately, Frank J Gately Jr. Teaching Exceptional Children. Reston: Mar/Apr Vol. 33, Iss. 4; pg. 40, 8 pgs Tips and Strategies for Co-Teaching at the Secondary Level Wendy W Murawski, Lisa A Dieker. Teaching Exceptional Children. Reston: May/Jun Vol. 36, Iss. 5; pg. 52, 7 pgs

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