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Motivation $120 $140 For a terminal course that students dont want to be taking.

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2 Motivation $120 $140 For a terminal course that students dont want to be taking

3 Motivation

4 The Constantly Evolving Work in Progress Free online Print yourself at cost Bound copy for $10 Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike CC-BY-SA The Result Modify to your liking

5 Whats in There Voting Theory Weighted Voting Fair Division Graph Theory Scheduling Growth Models Finance Math Collecting Data Describing Data Historical Counting

6 Are you going to write a chapter on… Probably not, but youre welcome to write one and contribute it to the project! There are chapters in various stages of development on: Game theory Linear programming Probability

7 Examples based on real data or framed as real scenarios


9 Same in many exercises


11 Concept and Exploration questions



14 What does open mean to me? Free online, cheap to print Use only the chapters you want Never forced into a new edition Dont have to wait for a new edition to fix errors Make changes at the sentence level Add your own favorite exercises Become part of user community sharing improvements, activities, etc.

15 For example Final project for my on-campus 107 class: The final project is to create a section that could be added to the textbook. You may do this individually or in a group. If your work is good, I will include it in a future edition of the textbook (provided you give me permission to use your work).

16 But what about ancillaries? The obvious downside of open textbooks get off your lazy butt and prep your own stuff theres a start, and with your help, we can make it great

17 Ancillaries online homework exercises for almost all chapters An online course shell in with homework, quizzes, and written assignments, in process of getting QM certified A course shell with in-class quizzes, activities, and lecture suggestions

18 Where is it? Google search Math in Society search for Math in Society look on Ancillaries: request an account on

19 I hope you find it useful and then contribute back some great improvements, activities, exercises, new chapters, etc.

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