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Everything you need to know about the WRAP Around the World Conference Presenter: Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D. Mental Health Recovery Educator & Author Christine.

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1 Everything you need to know about the WRAP Around the World Conference Presenter: Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D. Mental Health Recovery Educator & Author Christine Allers, Moderator

2 What is the WRAP Around the World Conference? A gathering of people that have come together from around the world to explore WRAP® from a wide variety of perspectives August 1-3, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

3 Agenda Revisiting the 2005 WRAP Conference Conference Attendance Benefits Conference Highlights Workshops Institutes Caucuses Keynote Speakers Other activities Logistics

4 Remembering the WRAP Conference in 2005 Amherst, MA

5 Conference Benefits Hear the latest news and information about WRAP initiatives Get ideas on how you can make the best use of this remarkable innovation

6 Conference Benefits Network with people who have common interests and goals Participate in lively discussions about WRAP and recovery

7 Conference Benefits Meet leaders, staff and people who have been working with WRAP for a long time. Get re-energized.

8 Conference Benefits Describe approaches for implementing mental health recovery and WRAP Experience a world of diversity to promote wellness

9 Conference Benefits Develop your facilitation skills Highlight your own success in creating recovery transformation

10 Workshops More than 50 workshops including: WRAP for People with Eating Disorders Working with WRAP Maximizing Treatment Outcomes with WRAP Surviving Suicidal Crisis WRAP in Correction Facilities WRAP in Rural Texas

11 Workshops WRAP in Managed Care Organizational WRAP Feedback and De-briefing for Co-facilitators WRAP goes to College WRAP with Chinese People WRAP in the City

12 Workshops WRAP in the Hospital Incorporating WRAP into Formal Systems of Care Hope as the Foundation of Recovery Developing Support Systems Advanced Care Planning

13 Copeland Center Website Learn how others use WRAP. Explore new ideas for WRAP solutions to Veteran issues. Network with your Veteran brothers and sisters to share, learn and grow. WRAP For Veterans and People In The Military International Walter is an advanced level WRAP facilitator. He also works for the Ohio Center for Advocacy Training and Support where he teaches Steps to Wellness, a self-help program for people with mental health difficulties. Walter Hudson

14 Overcoming Challenges of Poverty in Facilitating WRAP Jane is a Recovery Education Coordinator for Vermont Psychiatric Survivors. Jane was the inspiration for WRAP. She worked with me on the initial writing of the first Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP©) book and is currently an Advanced Level Facilitator. Audrey GarfieldJane Winterling Audrey is a WRAP facilitator and strong community activist. She is also a Board Member of The Copeland Center.

15 WRAP Research Judith A. Cook, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UICis well- known for her rigorous and highly respected mental health recovery research. She has studied WRAP intensively.

16 Working with WRAP Leanne Wood Martin Wren CEO of NOVA, a Disability Employment Service (DES), with most funding coming through the Australian Government's Department of Employment, Education & Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Anne Goyer Employment Consultant at NOVA, a Disability Employment Service (DES). Nova Tree Location Training & Development Manager at NOVA, a Disability Employment Service (DES). Nova Tree Location

17 Sharpening your WRAP Facilitation Skills Sarah Brown Sarah is a well-seasoned WRAP facilitator and an Advanced Level Trainer who often presens on behalf of the Copeland Center. Sarah was the first to officially bring WRAP to New Mexico, training and supporting over seventy-five WRAP Facilitators around the state. Other program initiatives include journal writing and peer counseling.

18 Using Art with WRAP Janet Laird Janet is an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. She is also an Advanced Level Peer Specialist and an ARTbundance Creativity Coach. You will really enjoy working with Janet and perhaps absorbing some of her remarkable creativity.

19 WRAP for Chronic Conditions: Diabetes with Eric Larson Eric is an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator and a WRAP Coordinator at The Institute for Recovery and Community Integration. He has used WRAP in his own life to deal with diabetes. His presentation will help you adapt your own WRAP for dealing with a chronic medical condition, and will be of help to you if you are working with others who have a chronic condition.

20 WRAP P.A.L.S. Catch the enthusiasm of these two remarkable women. Carol Bailey Floyd Carol Bailey Floyd is the Director of Programs for Mental Health Recovery and WRAP and has facilitated WRAP since 2003 Jean Rogers A Wellness Recovery Action Plan Advanced Level Facilitator and Advocate

21 WRAP for Caregivers with Raymond Federici Matthew's brother is a trainer at the Institute for Recovery & Community Integration, MHASP. You will enjoy working with him.

22 Workshop: Values & Ethics Can Be Down Right Fun Both these presenters have a vast store of information to share with you on this critical topic. Cynthia Staton Cynthis is a WRAP Trainer & Facilitator who works with Mental Health Consumer Concerns, Inc. Steven Marks Steven holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant University & is a certified WRAP Facilitator.

23 Topics include: Eliminating Seclusion & Restraints WRAP & Systems Leadership WRAP for Small Business Entrepreneurs Here are some highlights… Institutes

24 Institute: Grants Are Tools for Social Changers Katherine is the founder of Heart Resources, a social enterprise offering innovative grant-funded solutions, training and coaching, and publications for challenging community health issues. Katherine F.H. Heart, M.Ed.

25 Institutes: Advanced Level WRAP Refresher BJ North Debbie Andersen Sarah Brown Cheryl Sharp

26 Developing WRAP Carol & Yvonne These two incredible women have the bottom line answers about developing your WRAP. They could make a list of wellness tools that would boggle your mind. Yvonne Smith Carol Bailey Floyd Director of Programs for Mental Health Recovery and WRAP President, The Recovery Group, Washington, D.C.

27 Other Institutes Eliminating Seclusion and Restraint WRAP and Systems Leadership WRAP for Small Business Entrepreneures Wellness and Nutrition

28 Caucuses 10 Different Caucuses including open Caucuses 1.5 hours long Topics include: Teen WRAP, Peer Support, Diversity….

29 Copeland Center Website Caucus: Trauma Informed Care- Cheryl Sharp This caucus will generate a robust discussion around the issues related to those of us who have experienced adverse childhood events as well as the trauma that often comes with being involved in a non trauma-informed system of care. Cheryl is a WRAP Outreach Project Coordinator and a Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) coordinator for Maryland.

30 Copeland Center Website Caucus: Addictions Recovery and WRAP- Debbie Andersen This caucus will provide participants with an opportunity for discussion about WRAP and addictions recovery as well as support for our personal use of WRAP for addictions, substance use and lifestyle change. Debbie is an Advanced Facilitator & Trainer with the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery. She is also a consultant to the Centers of Excellence in Recovery Project of On Our Own Maryland.

31 Other Caucuses Peer support and WRAP WRAP and Transition Age Youth Teen WRAP WRAP for Veterans and People in the Military Differing Perspectives of Cultural Diversity

32 Keynote Speakers

33 Keynote Highlight: Arthur Evans, Ph.D. The Commissioner of Philadelphias Department of Behavioral and Intellectual disability services. Dr. Evans is leading a major initiative to transform how behavioral and healthcare are de- livered in the city.

34 Keynote Highlight: Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D. Mary Ellen has presented numerous workshops all over the world and is well known in the mental health recovery movement. She will be sharing her thoughts on WRAP, the latest news in mental health recovery and more!

35 This collaborative presentation will feature speakers from Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Japan, China and England. They will describe how they are developing and dissseminating WRAP Around the World. Conference Highlights: WRAP World Perspectives Plenary Session

36 More Conference Highlights: Door Prizes Night Owl Additional Workshops & Networking Yoga, Zentengles & More! Check for updates on the

37 Where is the WRAP Around the World Conference? Sheraton Society Hotel One Dock Street (2nd and Walnut Streets) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Conference Room Rate $139 per night. Reserve by July 1!

38 How do I register?

39 What resources will be available? Copeland Center position paper on Seclusion & Restraints WRAP and Recovery Books, DVDs and CDs

40 How much does it cost? Registration: $350.00 Registration for WRAP Facilitator: $300.00 Registration for Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator: $285.00 Special room rate at the Sheraton- $139 per night (last day to reserve is July 1, 2011)

41 How can I pay for it? Scholarships Speak to your employer Independent Contractors and those who are Self- employed: speak to an accountant about tax deductions for trade shows & conferences

42 Will I have a good time? Its up to you! Reception with Recovery Arts & Entertainment Networking Events Sites of the city!

43 Questions

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