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Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD October 2010 Enhancing WRAP with Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland Enhancing WRAP Webinar.

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1 Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD October 2010 Enhancing WRAP with Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland Enhancing WRAP Webinar

2 Essential Learning

3 Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery

4 WRAP and Recovery Books

5 Goals To give you ideas for enhancing: 1.The process of developing your WRAP 2.The work of a WRAP group 3.Facilitation of a WRAP Group 4.Working with individuals on developing a WRAP

6 Objectives Overview of WRAP Considerations in WRAP development Activities to be used in a WRAP group Suggestions for WRAP group facilitators Ideas for WRAP One-on-One-work

7 Overview Wellness Toolbox Daily Maintenance Plan Identifying Triggers and an Action Plan Identifying Early Warning Signs and an Action Plan Identifying Signs that things are Breaking Down & an Action Plan Crisis Plan or Advance Directive Post Crisis Plan

8 Keys to Enhancing WRAP

9 Choice of Format Summary of your WRAP-key points that you can carry with you Build Your Own WRAP Program On-line Three Ring Binder Other kinds of notebooks Small notebook Computer program Forms in various resources PhoneWRAP application Wall Poster

10 Where you keep it On your computer, phone By your bedside On a table On the wall On the refrigerator In your pocket

11 Strong Wellness Toolbox Think about it every day so its on top Think of it as a way of life Represents a change in how we think about each day and how we think about our life We are in controlthere are things we can do to make our life the way we want it to be

12 Enhancing WRAP Over several days, consider everything -large or small- that you do to stay well or help yourself feel better

13 Ideas- Theyre Everywhere! Self help books, magazines Friends, family members, care providers Wellness Tools blog on

14 Keeping Close Track On-going revisions Journaling, exchange listening Creative arts Meditation WRAP Supporters WRAP Support group Counseling

15 Activities for a WRAP Group Sticky notes Reading Vignettes from WRAP Stories Role Plays Creative Arts Tape recorders

16 Activities for a WRAP Group Making slides Writing/journaling Making transparencies Developing Power Point presentations

17 Activities for a WRAP Group When I think Activity MusicDemonstrations Posters Brainstorming

18 Problem solving activity Relaxation/Visualization Exercises Presenters from the community Stories from people who have been using WRAP for a long time Activities for a WRAP Group

19 Reflection breaks Social activities Activities for a WRAP Group

20 Facilitator Considerations Learning SpaceAccessible Light

21 Participant Guidelines 1.Used as a reference point 2.Update as needed

22 Values and Ethics Give the values and Ethics checklist to the participants From time to time ask the participants how they feel you are doing Take corrective action based on THEIR concerns

23 Accommodate for Special Needs Arrange sign language and/or other kinds of interpretation. Volunteers record resources for people who are visually impaired or who learn best by listening.

24 Accommodate for Special Needs Restricted settings like prisons or jails, focus on things people can control in their lives, like what they will eat, what they will read and who they spend time with.

25 For Each Session First Contact 1.Coming to a group for the first time is difficult for anyone. 2.First contact when a person arrives can make the difference between whether or not a person continues. 3.Greet people as they come in the door. Good morning! Wecome!

26 Housekeeping Review Basic Housekeeping Information Location of Rest Rooms Smoking Rules Time for breaks & the ending time Availability of food & water

27 Agenda Post it on the wall Review topics that have been covered previously and share the plans for the session Remind people about the Participant Guidelines

28 Check- In Have a check-in activity that helps people feel comfortable and begin thinking about working on WRAP. Questions need to be quick and easy for people to answer and should not include in-depth self-disclosure.

29 Check- In Possible questions: What have you done recently to support your recovery? What is one thing that you learned at the previous session? What do you do well? What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What is one word that describes how you are feeling right now? Where is your favorite place (now or at some past time)?

30 Closing At the end of the session, each person can share what was most helpful about the lesson: What was not helpful What they plan to do before the next session to further enhance their recovery Something they are looking forward to

31 Working One on One WRAP One on One On-line Course Take the other on-line courses about the parts of WRAP to insure that you are familiar with it Read one or more of the many WRAP resources at

32 Working One on One Choose a place that feels comfortable and safe to work Times that are convenient to both of you Can all be done at sessions or the person can take it home to work on

33 Working One on One Continue to follow the WRAP Values and Ethicscovered these in other webinars Non-hierarchical Its up to the person what is in it You are working withnot a teaching role

34 Working One on One If the person needs you to write, write it exactly as they state it.

35 Working One on One You may need to share the WRAP process with the person as you go along Give an overview at first, then refer back to it over time Person could have a WRAP book, WRAP Plus or be using the on-line course

36 Resources WRAP and Recovery Books provides : Training Manuals, books, articles and other resources Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery for: Speakers, and all levels of Training & Facilitation Essential Learning Complete selection of on-line learning options

37 Resources Online Resources

38 Mental Health Recovery and WRAP® - Wellness Recovery Action Plan A group for anyone interested in learning more about WRAP WRAP Facilitators For all WRAP Facilitators Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery Learn the latest news from the Copeland Center Mary Ellen Copeland - Mental Health Recovery & WRAP® Those interested in Mental Health Wellness and Recovery can share ideas, thoughts and events Essential Learning The largest provider of e-learning services for the human service industry

39 Add your stories List your WRAP group Great articles Calendar of Events More

40 October & November Sale!! or call 802-254-2092 Only $15.95!

41 Essential Learning

42 Thank you all for joining me today, I hope you found this helpful!! Questions?? Thank you!!

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