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1 Partners Has Made Significant Investments in Workforce Development Programs Partners focuses on three pipelines to build a well-qualified and diverse.

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1 1 Partners Has Made Significant Investments in Workforce Development Programs Partners focuses on three pipelines to build a well-qualified and diverse workforce and to create economic opportunities for our local communities. 1. Youth Pipeline BWH: Student Success Jobs Program 227 students as of Spring, 2009 98% of graduates attend college, with 72% majoring in a health or science field MGH: Center for Community Health Improvement 145 students served in 2009 BWH and MGH: Summer Job Program for Students 253 students in 2009 3. Incumbent Worker Pipeline Academic Financial Assistance Tuition reimbursement, loan forgiveness, scholarships, grants 2541 employees in FY09 Onsite Skill Development and Academic Preparation Includes pre-college, ESOL, Citizenship classes 278 served FY 09 Employee Career Advancement Programs Career coaching, mentoring, academic and career exploration, departmental career ladders, Allied Health Initiative, Paraprofessional Career Ladder Initiative 1660 served FY 09 2. Community Pipeline Partners Health Care Training and Employment Program 301 low-income participants since 2004 76% still working at Partners 1 year post graduation Average starting wage for recent graduates is 95% higher than federal minimum wage Clinical Leadership Collaboration for Diversity in Nursing 45 students since 2007 100% of graduates pass their nursing boards 88% of graduates hired by Partners

2 2 Partners Workforce Development Partnerships Community-based organizations Project Hope; ABCD; Jewish Vocational Service Colleges and universities Bunker Hill Community College; Mass Bay Community College; Fisher Community College; UMass Boston; MGH Institute of Health Professions Public sector institutions Boston Public Schools; the Boston Private Industry Council; Mayors Office of Jobs and Community Services Funders SkillWorks; The Boston Foundation; Commonwealth Corporation; US Department of Labor; Bank of America; Commonwealth of Massachusetts Internal stakeholders HR and Community Benefit colleagues; Hiring managers; Supervisors

3 3 How do our Partners Complement our Efforts? Identify and support participants in community and youth pipeline programs Assist in program development, deliver training for skill development and education for career advancement, and provide funding opportunities Share expertise and ensure program success

4 4 Collaboration Leads to Success Project HOPE Provides community outreach and case management for our Training and Employment program Boston public school partners Identify potential participants for our youth programs and provide academic support Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) Provides on-site ESOL and other skill development classes at most Partners hospitals Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD): Delivers financial literacy workshops to participants in the Training and Employment Program Bunker Hill Community College Developed with us a respiratory therapy associates degree program and a web-based advanced modality radiology certificate program UMass Boston College of Nursing and Health Sciences Developed the Clinical Leadership Collaboration for Diversity in Nursing Boston Foundation Provided funding through SkillWorks and Allied Health Initiative as well as technical assistance and peer learning opportunities Our internal stakeholders Ensure program success

5 5 Partners works with our local community colleges: BHCC Recent work with Bunker Hill Community College includes: Development of new programs to address identified employer needs: Respiratory Therapy Associate Degree program Online Medical Imaging Advanced Modality Programs (CT, MRI, Mammography) Certification program for O.R. Central Processing Technicians delivered on site at MGH and BWH Career ladder program for Patient Care Associates delivered on site at BWH Pharmacy Technician Certification program Assess employee college readiness and address academic skills gaps On-site College Placement Test (CPT) administration On-line College Placement Test (CPT) math review On-site College Placement Test (CPT) preparation classes Provide the clinical education component for many of BHCCs allied health programs

6 6 A Success Story: BWH Student Success Jobs Partnership (SSJP) Program Ive seen a lot…Ive gotten to see how the department responds to trauma from beginning to end. Its confirmed that I really do want to be a surgeon. -Melissa Rocha In 2006, homeless and living in a shelter with her mom and brother Participated in BWH Student Success Jobs Partnership Program in high school at Health Careers Academy In spring of 2009, class valedictorian and 1 of 10 students accepted to 8 year BS/MD Early Medical Scholars Program at University of Rochester

7 7 A Success Story: Healthcare Training and Employment Program (HTEP) The program was a huge help while I was attending college. I knew I wanted to be in health care, but I hadn't made a decision. At a time when I was scared and confused, this program gave me the opportunity to work in health care and become familiar with the environment. This encouraged me to take a step further and continue my education in health care, which is why I am now taking prerequisites for the nursing program." -Tyeshea Clarke 2004 Participated in HTEP Moved out of shelter into subsidized house Offered a position in the OR after graduation from HTEP Obtained Sterile Processing Tech Certificate and position Interned in a Partners OR 2009 Taking pre- requisite courses for a nursing program

8 8 A Success Story: Clinical Leadership Collaboration Nursing Initiative (CLC) The Hausman Fellowship and the CLC have opened up so many opportunities for me. My good G.P.A. in college got me noticed, but every day I am out to prove that they chose the right person. I am the right person, and I am so happy that I am working here. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. - Alexis Seggalye, R.N. Accepted into CLC in 2006 Shadowed nurses prior to her senior year Developed passion to work in a cardiac unit Received MGH Hausman Nursing Fellowship for Minority Student Nurses summer after junior year Hired as a cardiac nurse in May 2009

9 9 A Success Story: Radiology Loan Forgiveness Program I am so glad that I stuck around. In high school some of my friends worked in a law office making $10/hour. I was making $6.25/hour working 15 hours a week – less than $100 a week. Even though my friends made more money, Im so happy I stuck with the programs. Today, many of those friends arent doing so well, and they dont have the opportunities that I have. Going through the programs and working at MGH have had a positive impact on my life. I am very, very grateful to Patty and MJ Ryan and all the people who encouraged me and helped me. I dont know where I would be right now if I didnt go through these programs. I am blessed. -Jerry Jones Pro Tech High School Student Partners Radiology Scholarship / Loan Forgiveness Recipient Graduated BHCC RT Program and Passed National RT Registry Hired into MGH Radiology as a Technologist Promoted to MGH Weekend ED Radiology Supervisor Cross trained at MGH in CT Passed National CT Registry Hired as MGH CT Tech

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