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YELLOW Tom Peters Las Vegas 13 January 2000. Seminar Y2K Brand Everything : Distinct or Extinct.

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1 YELLOW Tom Peters Las Vegas 13 January 2000

2 Seminar Y2K Brand Everything : Distinct or Extinct

3 Microsoft = R.O.W. Microsoft > GM + Ford + Boeing + Lockheed Martin + Deere + Caterpillar + USX + Weyerhauser + Union Pacific + Kodak + Sears + Marriott + Safeway + Kellogg Source: Business Week data through 5-99

4 Microsoft = R.O.W. (II) Microsoft > GM + Ford + Boeing + Lockheed Martin + Deere + Caterpillar + USX + Weyerhauser + Union Pacific + Kodak + Sears + Marriott + Safeway + Kellogg + McDonalds + Bank One + General Mills + American Airlines + United Airlines + + Delta Air Lines + US Airways + Quaker Oats Source: Yastrow Marketing (through 11-23-99)

5 No Wiggle Room! Incrementalism is innovations worst enemy. Nicholas Negroponte

6 Just Say No … I dont intend to be known as the King of the Tinkerers. CEO, large financial services company (New York, 5-99)

7 Forces at Work The Destruction Imperative!

8 It is generally much easier to kill an organization than change it substantially. Kevin Kelly, Out of Control

9 Acquisitions are about buying market share. Our challenge is to create markets. There is a big difference. Peter Job, CEO, Reuters

10 It used to be that the big ate the small. Now the fast eat the slow. Geoff Yang, IVP/ (Institutional Venture Partners)

11 Forget > Learn The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. Dee Hock

12 Brand Inside PSF 1: Brand Org!

13 108 X 5* vs. 8 X 1 * 540 vs. 8


15 The coefficient of friction associated with the grunge of business is amazing! Michael Schrage

16 CCC Information Services!

17 Cemex and FDX!

18 FDX and Cisco!

19 UPS used to be a trucking company with technology. Now its a technology company with trucks. Forbes (1-00), on UPSs $11B spent on IS in the 90s; UPS was Forbes Company of the Year

20 We want to be the air traffic controllers of electrons. Bob Nardelli, GE Power Systems

21 PSF 1.0 Department Head to … Managing Partner, HR [IS, etc.] Inc.

22 support function / cost center / bureaucratic drag or … Rock Stars of the Age of Talent

23 C.I.O. to C.E.F.R.N.S.*

24 *Chief Evangelist For Really Neat Stuff

25 Brand Inside PSF 2: Brand Work!

26 Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes. Phil Daniels, exec, Sydney

27 But Does It Matter???? On time, on budget … who cares? anon. seminar participant (4/99)

28 You really got to me. So many of our information technology projects take on a life of their own, and I know theyll never end up as more than mediocre successes. CEO, F100 financial services company (10-98)

29 Kaiser: 4.15.29

30 Liberty Ship 2 years 240 days 9 hours 4 days, 15 hours, 29 minutes


32 Characteristics of the Also Rans –minimize risk –respect the chain of command –support the boss –make budget Source: Fortune on most admired global corporations (10/26/98)

33 The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Michelangelo

34 Brand Inside PSF 3: Brand You!

35 DISTINCT … OR EXTINCT!If there is nothing very special about your work, no matter how hard you apply yourself, you wont get noticed and that increasingly means you wont get paid much, either. Michael Goldhaber, Wired

36 If one quarter cant make the journey, thats the way it has to be. Carly Fiorina (1-00/Forbes)

37 Personal Brand Equity –I am known for … –My current Project is challenging me … –New things Ive learned in the last 90 days include … –My public recognition program consists of … –Additions to my Rolodex include … –My resume is different from last years at this time …

38 R.D.A. Rate: 15%?, 25%? Formal Investment Strategy/ R.I.P./ Bold (WOW!)/ MEASURE!!

39 Bill Parcells World/ Brand You World! BLAME NOBODY! EXPECT NOTHING! DO SOMETHING! NY Post (9/99)

40 Brand Inside PSF 4: Brand Talent!

41 Issue Y2K The Great War for Talent !

42 Develop people quickly and effectively … 5% Truly know who our strongest and weakest performers are … 17% Source: War for Talent research/ McKinsey & Co.

43 Talent War Y2K! –All out!/ Time consuming! –Never ending!/ Unwinnable! –Includes everybody!/ Everybodys game! (Were all in sales.) –Expensive! –Cool!/ WOW!/ Fun!/ Creative! –Strategic!/ Core competence!

44 TPs Ideal Job: Head of Housekeeping!

45 Talent = Brand

46 Brand Outside = Brand Inside

47 Brand Outside Context: No Commodities!

48 Quality Not Enough! Quality as defined by few defects is becoming the price of entry for automotive marketers rather than a competitive advantage. J.D. Power

49 Whats Special? Customers will try low cost providers because the Majors have not given them any clear reason not to. Leading Insurance Industry Analyst (10-98)

50 We make over three new product announcements a day. Can you remember them? Our customers cant! Carly Fiorina

51 The 10X/10X Phenomenon 10 Times Better/ 10 Times Less Different

52 When we did it right it was still pretty ordinary. Barry Gibbons on Nightmare No. 1

53 The surplus society has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people, with similar educational backgrounds, coming up with similar ideas, producing similar things, with similar prices, warranties and quality. Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas Ridderstrale, Funky Business

54 Pretzel Crumb-less-ness Plus … The Ritz Carlton Experience enlivens the senses, instills well-being and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of the guest. from the Ritz Carlton Credo

55 Granite Rocks BHAG!

56 Nirvana! - Nordstrom - Four Seasons - - Adirondack Guide Boat - OXO Good Grips - Ziplocs

57 Why? Reliable! Cool!/ Surprising! Friendly!/ Comfortable! Aesthetically pleasing!

58 Context: No to inevitable commoditization S1: Lead the Customer! S2: Master E-Commerce! S3: Women Rule! (and the elderly) S4: Design Rules! (too) S5: Its the Experience! Bottom Line: Glorious Age of the BRAND!

59 Brand Outside Strategy 1 : Lead the Customer!

60 The customer is a rear view mirror, not a guide to the future. George Colony, Forrester Research If you worship at the throne of the voice of the customer, youll get only incremental advances. Joseph Morone, President, Bentley College

61 Wealth in this new regime flows directly from innovation, not optimization. That is, wealth is not gained by perfecting the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown. Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the New Economy

62 customer satisfaction to customer success / see through accountability [e.g.: commissioning of plant, not delivery of equipment] Source: GE Power Systems

63 Amen!The Age of the Never Satisfied Customer Regis McKenna

64 Brand Outside Strategy 2 : Master E-Commerce!

65 $30,000,000. = ???

66 Dells Web sales … daily (9-99)

67 Tomorrow Today: Cisco! $7B of $10B Save $500M (service and tech support) C.Sat E >> C.Sat H Customer Engineer Chat Rooms ($1B?)

68 Worlds Largest Extranet! ANX/ Automotive Network Exchange/ Data tone for the auto industry Source: Philip Evans and Thomas Wurster, Blown to Bits

69 Welcome to D.I.Y. Nation! Changes in business processes will emphasize self service. Your costs as a business go down and perceived service goes up because customers are conducting it themselves. Ray Lane, Oracle

70 Anne Busquet/ American Express Not: Age of the Internet Is: Age of the Customer/ The Customer Is in Control

71 Where does the Internet rank in priority? Its No. 1, 2, 3, and 4. Jack Welch

72 There are 2 Kinds of … Defense* vs. Offense** *Fend off upstarts. ** Reinvent our marketspace!

73 In the network economy, the Website becomes the companys primary interface to the customer. The user interface becomes the marketing materials, store front, store interior, sales staff and post- sales support all rolled into one. Jakob Nielsen, Designing Web Usability

74 Web Strategy: GE Power Systems Launch and Learn/ 4 sites in 30 days/ Hire the best: Silicon Valley location

75 Brand Outside Strategy 3 : Women Rule!

76 ????????? Home Furnishings … 94% Vacations … 92% Houses … 91% Bank Account … 89% Health Care … 75% Etc.

77 48% working wives > 50% 80% checks 61% bills 53% stock (mutual fund boom) 43% > $500K 95% financial decisions/ 29% single handed

78 $3.3T + $1.5T = $4.8T* * Larger than Japan!

79 Most Under-reported story! 9M*/20M+/$4T [> Germany] * 400K in 72; 132% since 92; source: NFWBO, Cognetics

80 OPPORTUNITY NO. 1!* [* No shit!]

81 FemaleThink/ Popcorn Men and women dont think the same way, dont communicate the same way, dont buy for the same reasons.... He simply wants the transaction to take place. Shes interested in creating a relationship. Every place women go, they make connections.

82 Not a Morality Play! It is critical that we all understand that IBM is not marketing to women entrepreneurs because it is the thing to do, or even the right thing to do. We are marketing to women entrepreneurs because it is a huge opportunity. Cherie Piebes

83 Enterprise Reinvention! Recruiting Hiring/Rewarding/ Promoting Structure Processes Measurement Strategy Culture Vision Leadership THE BRAND ITSELF!

84 Brand Outside Strategy 4 : Design Rules!

85 And Tomorrow … Fifteen years ago companies competed on price. Now Its quality. Tomorrow its design. Robert Hayes

86 Message: Services are Not Intangible! You give off hundreds of design cues … daily! YOU ARE A DESIGNER!

87 Graceful language!

88 Susan Sargent Designs: PLEASE COMPLAIN! Thanks for your order! We dearly want everything to go p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y! If the order was late. Or wrong. Or if any of the goods are damaged in the slightest. Or if youre just having a lousy day and want to unload on someone … Call our Customer Care Hotline!

89 Beauty Contest! 1. Pick one form/ document: invoice, airbill, sick leave policy, returns claim form. 2. Rate it on a 1 to 10 scale (1 = Awful; 10 = Scintillating) on three dimensions: Beauty, Grace, Clarity. 3. Repeat … every 15 days.

90 Brand Outside Strategy 5 : Its the Experience!

91 Experiences are as distinct from services as services are from goods. Joseph Pine & James Gilmore, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage

92 The [Starbucks] Fix Is on … We have identified a third place. And I really believe that sets us apart. The third place is that place thats not work or home. Its the place our customers come for refuge. Nancy Orsolini, District Manager

93 Safe, On Time and … We defined personality as a market niche. We seek to amuse, to surprise, to entertain. Herb Kelleher, Main Man, LUV Airlines

94 Experience: Rebel Lifestyle! What we sell is the ability for a 43-year-old accountant to dress in black leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of him. Harley exec, quoted in Results-based Leadership

95 Experiencing Oxymoron: Respect from an Airline! I can cope with delays. I can not cope with lies … especially Sins of Omission. IT IS DISRESPECTFUL TO ME AS A HUMAN BEING!

96 Brand Outside BRAND POWER!

97 Brand? Distinction Excellence Emotional Signature Trustworthiness Consistency Shorthand

98 Brand It! Now, More Than Ever! The increasing difficulty in differentiating between products and the speed with which competitors take up innovations will assist in the rise and rise of the brand. Gillian Law and Nick Grant, Management [New Zealand]

99 No Room for Brands? Nike Saturn CNN America Online Charles Schwab Starbucks The Gap Intel Etc.

100 Brand = Trust! Most buyers do not have a clue whether anybody else makes a better microprocessor, but Intel Inside has become a trust mark - a trademark that consumers put their faith in. The Economist

101 Corporate Religion is a completely new way of thinking about companies. Today, the product is still the main communication highway in the company. When companies make the shift to selling solutions, brands and attitudes, communicating the companys attitudes and values becomes the decisive parameter for success. It demands that you find out who you are as a company. Jesper Kunde, Corporate Religion

102 Calling the Corporate Shrink! Organizational Psychotherapy/ WHO WE ARE!

103 FedEx is a collection of marketers with trucks and planes, while UPS is industrial engineers with a collection of truck and planes. Brian Clancy/ Forbes (1-00)

104 Brand = Special = Passion = Connection = Caring* * (Way) beyond market research

105 Brand Leadership Lead Out Loud!

106 Message Bran[d]son: Live the Brand!

107 ENTHUSIASM RULES!* I am a dispenser of enthusiasm./ Ben Zander

108 If you ask me what I have come to do in this world, I who am an artist, I will reply, I am here to live my life out loud. Emile Zola

109 If things seem under control, youre just not going fast enough! Mario Andretti


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