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11 : Managing the Programme

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1 11 : Managing the Programme
to watch the time, and assign things by time, to devote oneself to business and never lose an hour of time Leon Battista Alberti Riding the Project Life-cycle

2 Managing the Programme
the programme planning hierarchy the critical path method resourcing the project the critical chain method reducing task duration variability last planner programming reciprocal processes 4D planning Riding the Project Life-cycle

3 Planning Programme Hierarchy
client’s strategic programme tender programme summary programme architects design programme master programme target construction programme parcel documents programme tender restraints programme procurement programme works contractor’s programme contract restraints programme

4 Riding the Project Life-cycle
Critical Path Method the notion of task dependency technical organisational spatial a way of thinking about programme Riding the Project Life-cycle

5 Riding the Project Life-cycle
The Critical Path establishing the network of dependencies identifying the critical path the longest path through the network developing a robust programme shortest achievable programme buffering PERT and Monte Carlo a critical path with buffers Riding the Project Life-cycle

6 Critical Path with Buffers
X FB X FB X PB X FB X FB X = shared resources FB = feeding buffer PB = project buffer Riding the Project Life-cycle

7 Resourcing the Project
the infinite resource assumption the reliance on spot contracts types of resources plant labour space (the 28m2 rule) resource levelling using slack to smooth resources Riding the Project Life-cycle

8 Limitations of the Critical Path Method
the inverted logic not applying the rolling wave an historically orientated control tool deterministic client led difficulties of on-site up-dating task duration estimates uncertainty opportunism Riding the Project Life-cycle

9 The Critical Chain Method
the theory of constraints critical chain as the longest path through the resource constrained network task execution durations normally distributed padded by safety time gaining control over safety time not punishing overruns benefiting from your luck the critical chain Riding the Project Life-cycle

10 The Theory of Constraints
Identify the constraint Exploit the constraint Subordinate to the constraint Elevate the constraint Identify the new constraint Riding the Project Life-cycle

11 Critical Chain with Buffers
FB X FB X X FB PB FB X FB X X = shared resources FB = feeding buffer PB = project buffer Riding the Project Life-cycle

12 Reducing Task Duration Variability
multi-tasking Parkinson’s law student syndrome partnering with the resource bases shielding production Riding the Project Life-cycle

13 Shielding Production : Last Planner
managing task execution, not contracts quality assignments precedent tasks really completed resources required really available a weekly planning cycle a tactical tool combining critical chain and last planner Riding the Project Life-cycle

14 Last Planner and Critical Chain Combined
project programme critical path quality assignment low duration variability elevate the constraint latest start date consummate task execution last planning process chain perfunctory high Riding the Project Life-cycle

15 Programming Reciprocal Processes
assumption of sequential information flows dependencies planning problem and reciprocal flows interdependencies the dependency structure matrix identify interdependencies prioritise the matrix cluster the interdependent tasks applying DSM to solving the design problem? the problem of iterative flows Riding the Project Life-cycle

16 4D Construction Planning
3D + t constructing the product model advantages communication clash detection disadvantages constructing the PBS not WBS initial product model set-up Riding the Project Life-cycle

17 4D Construction Planning
Riding the Project Life-cycle

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