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Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets! Barbara Fullerton, Manager, Librarian Relations, 10-K Wizard Sabrina I. Pacifici, Editor & Publisher, &

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1 Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets! Barbara Fullerton, Manager, Librarian Relations, 10-K Wizard Sabrina I. Pacifici, Editor & Publisher, & Aaron Schmidt, Thomas Ford Memorial Library & Editor of Internet Librarian Oct. 23 rd, 2006

2 2 Aerocool Infinite Drive 25 in 1 card reader USB Microphone Headphone 2.5 HDD Price: $61

3 3 Speech-to-Speech Translation IBM MASTOR Speech-to-Speech Translation (S2S) research to enable real-time, interpersonal communication via natural spoken language for people who do not share a common language. 35 Mastor-equipped ruggedized laptops have been shipped to Iraq as a trial run according to

4 4 Cell Phone Jammers Jam phones surrounding you Illegal in U.S. Up to 50 feet Works on worldwide networks Expensive Illegal in U.S. Buy Indoor/Outdoor modules Price: SH066 $260; CX- 200 $71 Available UK, Japan SH066P CX-200

5 5 AimuletLAbamboo Audio Device Batteryless Light activated Handheld audio Uses bamboo Available Japan Price: N/A

6 6 Glow in the Duck Perfect for the bath, pond or pool Duck with water activated color changing LED light On contact with water this rubber duck lights up from within & slowly morphs through a spectrum of colors Price: $12.95 LOW_GLOW_IN_THE_DUCK.html

7 7 USB Data Link Transfer Cable Data is not dependent on OS Unlimited bytes Allows drag and drop files to two PCs Data transfer up to 25Mb/Sec USB 2.0 compliant Works with all versions of Windows except Mac Price: $19.99

8 8 PrintDreams Handheld Printer Print full size Print on anything USB/BT Price: $200 Late 2007 /

9 9

10 10 Flowbee hair cutting machine For those busy librarians With no time for the saloon or barber shop, here is a do it yourself robo hair cutting machine really… ok, it may not be on your holiday list, but you never know when it could come in handy ;-> Price: $59.95 /

11 11 Palm Treo 700p, 700W, 680 Smartphone 2 x 2 (320x320 pixel) 65K color screen 312 mhz processor Memory: 128mb non-volitile RAM, 64mb- User, SD/MMC memory expansion EV-DO high speed data, Bluetooth Cell, speakerphone, 1.3 megapixel camera + video camera, voice recorder 680: no antenna and color! Palm OS 5.4.9 – Apps: PDA, ptunes, documents to go (Sprint TV) 700W: Windows Price: $399.99-$499.99 / Sprint - Verizon

12 12 As James grandfather used to say: "it's not the amount of weapons you have but how to use them."

13 13 LCD Scrolling Badge Japan only Price: 4580 Yen = $40

14 14 An Omnidirectional Smart Wheelchair The next breakthrough in technology for assisted living is an intelligent wheelchair equipped with a Stereo Omnidirectional Camera system 360-degree field of vision has no blind spot Relying on the camera images, the chair detects potential hazards that arise while in motion and decelerates or stops accordingly It was developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) with assistance from the National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities Price: N/A Future: currently in Japan

15 15 Traveling LCD Projector 4 lbs or less weight - you will notice & feel every ounce as you carry this equipment. All others are almost 38% heavier Minimum of 2,000 lumens brightness, you will be able to present in almost all lighting situation without having to turn down any lights Native XGA resolution This resolution matches the native resolution of most laptops built in the last 5 years and matching resolution will give you the best picture when projecting For a projector with the above specifications, you should expect to pay in the area of $2,000

16 16 Microsofts Zune Video Wireless DRM 30GB FM Price: $250

17 17 Super Fun Walk: Walk Stereo Speakers Audio peripheral equipment Lovely cartoon character design, perfectly decorate your PC and room Premium clear stereo sound and supper bass 3.5mm stereo audio plug matches with all player devices Decorate your desk top, you can put it anywhere in room for joy music Price: $26.99

18 18 iTTUSB Turntable with USB Record Convert LPs directly to CD or MP3 Belt Drive Turntable Includes Audacity software for Mac/PC for recording Cartridge with Stylus 45 Adapter PC running Windows 98, 2000, or XP Mac running OS9 or greater One available USB1.1 port Price: $119 l

19 19 TRIVIA What year did Apple introduce the first iPod? 2001

20 20 Future: 6th or 7th Gen ipods?

21 21 The KurzweilNational Federation of the Blind Reader Hold the Readers camera over printa restaurant menu, directions, or a memo from your bossand snap a picture In seconds you can hear the contents of the printed document in clear synthetic speech Scan, read, and discard pages; store them for later reading; or transfer to a computer or Braille-aware PDA Price: $3,495

22 22 Museo Silver Rag Paper No glare! Deep black & rich colors Semi-gloss look of a traditional air dried fiber print Allows inkjet printers to produce these prints Acid free Exceptional print performance for both B&W and color images Price: $52/25 sheets Available at photo dealers

23 23 Tandberg Video Conferencing Need to cover the reference desk at a branch?

24 24 HEADLINE: UK DOG SWALLOWS OWNERS GADGET Story: Dog eats UK owners electronic key fob, so must sit in drivers seat so car can be started. Way to go…so to speak ;->

25 25 Mop Slippers When wearing these, floor spills disappear! Machine safe to wash One size fits all Price: $9.95

26 26 Uniross: Long lasting batteries Last 4x longer 500 charges Price: $28 for 4-pack and charger

27 27 RED RAZR V3m Popular Motorola phone Sprint and Motorola have pledged to make donations Each handset sold to RED (founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver) and The Global Fund, an organization committed to fighting the spread of AIDS in Africa. Price depends on contract

28 28 CellStik Transfer cell phone contacts Entering & editing using your PC Available for all manufacturers and models Price: $39.99

29 29 10 Megapixel Camera Phone! Korea only (for now!)

30 30 TV phone (S. Korea)

31 31 USB Aroma/Fragrance Oil Burner Achieve a relaxed, aromatic and pleasing atmosphere Brings a breath of fragrance to your work surroundings. You supply the oils, and away you go Price: $19

32 32 TRIVIA Kilobytes Megabytes Gigabytes And now….? Terabytes!

33 33 MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies March 2002 by a $50 million contract from the U.S. Army Mission is to use nanotechnology for: –sleek, lightweight battlesuits –leap tall buildings with bionics –find wounds and seal them on the spot –helmet will have radio & night vision gear, GPS, target illuminator, tactical dropdown eyewear, and will convey data, video and audio feeds for a 3D picture of the battlefield

34 34 USB HEATED GLOVES Cold in your office or cube? Do you work outside with your laptop in winter? Stay warm while you work in these nifty heated gloves. Includes a pair of USB G-Gloves and Two USB connecting cables Price: $22.95

35 35 Trend: Flash Based Storage

36 36 Sling Media Slingbox Pro Streams live TV &TiVo'd shows from your home to any Web-connected PC or Windows Mobile device Full control over your TV Watch live TV while you are away from home Need a Wi-Fi hot spot, a Slingbox, and a laptop or a Windows device Price: $200/no subscription fees

37 37 Sanrio Actroid Price: $3500/5 days

38 38 Designer IPod Jacket Designed by Ermenegildo Zegna You can control –iPod volume play/pause Turn off the iPod Skip back and forward between tracks without having to open the jacket or the inside pocket Price: $750

39 39 Brando 32-1 Card Reader/Writer Built-in USB 2.0 3-port HUB USB 2.0 transfer rate up to 480 Mbps, backward USB 1.1 transfer rate up to 12Mbps 5 LED indicators & shining light Plug & Play and Hot Swapping support Data copying between cards without storage inter-mediate Pocket size & lightweight Price: $28

40 40 Electrolux Screen Fridge Find out whats in your fridge by looking at the pictures! Connect to broadband and TV via wireless connection 15" touch screen and pop-up keyboard Screen Fridge personal organizer, & print out your easily up-datable e- shopping list The refrigerator is also accessible by remote access feature. Price: $9, 000

41 41 Nokia Open Cell Phone Sci-fi fans: Japanese folding fan Uses an as-yet- nonexistent flexible LCD color touchscreen Scrollable screen Designed by Hugo Danti Won first place in the Nokia 4G Design Competition Possiblity: Invention of E-Ink

42 42 TRIVIA The Soundabout was the original name used to market this device that was first introduced in 1979…. Sony Walkman portable personal stereo player

43 43 Useful Manuals and Guides: Yahoo Tech: CNET (Compare prices): Consumer Reports: (Subscription required) Engadget Blog: Gadgeteer Blog: LLRX: / / Wired: SciFi Tech: Helpful Websites

44 44 Woot: http://www.woot.com A Girls Guide to Gadgets: Gadgets Weblog: Ubergizmo: Coolest Gadgets: http://www.coolest- New Launches: Oh Gizmo: Helpful Websites

45 45 Presentation available at…

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