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Introduction to Kalabie Electronic Lab Notebook May 2009

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1 Introduction to Kalabie Electronic Lab Notebook May 2009

2 Software and Informatics
Agilent LSCA Portfolio Chemical Analysis Life Sciences Materials Sciences Petrochemical/Chemical Environmental Testing Food Testing Forensics Pharma/Biotech Research and Disease Discovery Discovery/Development QA/QC Academia/Government Diagnostics Surface Science Materials Characterization Particle Sizing Software and Informatics Workstations Networked Data Systems Enterprise Solutions

3 Agilent’s Informatics Strategy provides:
Flexibility, Higher efficiency, lower cost of operation and improved compliance Open Systems architecture Based on (or driving for) standards Complete multi-vendor and multi technique offering Store, share & collaborate with all data & documents Automate and optimize lab and business processes Web-based scalable architecture Multi-vendor Collaboration platform Group/Presentation Title Agilent Restricted Month ##, 200X 3

4 Integrated Agilent Solution
Multiple inputs—Data coming from instruments and other documents/ information used to document research (input) ICP-MS LC Lab-on-a Chip UV-vis GC/MS GC LC/MS CE LIMS ELN PDF Legacy Data MS Office Images Drawings Research Knowledge OpenLAB ELN (Kalabie) Electronic Laboratory Notebook Experiments and Insights OpenLAB ECM Enterprise Content Management Other Applications (LIMS, inventories, etc.) Data Storage and Organization Specialized Software CDS/ICM/GeneSpring/EZChrom Chemstation/MassHunter Scientific Data Generators Third Party Chromelion, Empower, TotalChrom… Data Support and Professional Services From data to knowledge, Agilent Technologies helps laboratory managers and directors reduce the time, effort, and cost to go from raw data to final insight. December 2008

5 Kalabie ELN: Front End and Focal Point
Processes Collaborate Inform Lab Management ELN Support/Share Lab Activities Chemistry Biology Analytics Research Activities Kalabie ELN is an environment that supports your work and provides a central repository of information across activities and disciplines, so colleagues and scientists across the organization can view results and share work in a collaborative effort. Kalabie ELN can mine information that provides insight across labs and is 21 CFR part 11 compliant. December 2008

6 Kalabie is a web-based ELN which enables you to…
What is Kalabie ELN ? Kalabie is a web-based ELN which enables you to… Increase productivity Easily document and manage experiments Support multiple disciplines with a single solution Reduce cycle times with request workflow Integrate with existing Information Systems Accommodate for special requirements by extensibility at various levels Protect Intellectual Property 6

7 Improve efficiency, access to data and IP protection…
“Kalabie ELN centralizes and secures all data from experimental work with the high level of traceability we required…” Dr. Ailie McCabe, Development Manger, e2v Biosensors 21CFRpart11 compliant electronic signature and audit trail Fully configurable sign and witness workflow Set reminders, automatically SAFE BioPharma digital signature compliant

8 Improved research efficiency for three sites, in three countries…
"Compound registrations increased 15 % versus the year before." Hans Troost, Business Analyst, Solvay Pharmaceuticals Increase personal productivity Easily check pending experiments, experiments to sign or pending requests Browse ‘my experiments’, create favorites based on search criteria QuickSearch across experiments and documents Register and search molecule and reactions

9 For the synthetic chemists…
Plan and design reactions using standard chemistry tools ChemAxon bundled Integrate with Symyx, Accelrys and ChemDraw Seamless integration with existing registration systems and sourcing databases Create favorites for commonly used reagents and solvents Quick experiment setup with standard sentences and templates Create batches, split samples and submit for analysis directly from the experiment Reduce redundant experiments; search across reactions and molecules

10 Chemaxon Inside….

11 Thank you for your attention Kalabie Demo Next Door
Page 11 December 2008 11

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