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CPSW 2007 Patient Safety: Be Involved Ask. Talk. Listen.

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1 CPSW 2007 Patient Safety: Be Involved Ask. Talk. Listen.

2 About these slides This presentation was created to familiarize you with: the need for patient safety the Canadian Patient Safety Institute Canadian Patient Safety Week, and how you can become involved in helping advance patient safety in Canada.

3 Patient Safety – an important issue Did you know… In Canada, 7.5% or 185,000 patients admitted to hospital experience adverse events, according to the a Baker & Norton study Adverse Events in Canadian Hospitals (2004) 37% or 70,000 admissions are considered highly preventable By comparison, the rate of adverse events in various other countries ranges from 2.9-16.6%

4 Patient Safety – an important issue The most common types of adverse events are: –Events related to surgical procedures – 34% –Drug or fluid related events – 24% Canadian Institute for Health Information says: –One in nine adults contract infection in hospital –One in nine patients receive wrong medication or wrong dose –More deaths after experiencing adverse events in hospital than deaths from breast cancer, motor vehicle and HIV combined

5 Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) CPSI is an independent not-for-profit corporation Our vision is a Canadian health system where: –Patients, providers, governments and others work together to build and advance a safer health system –Providers take pride in their ability to deliver the safest and highest quality of care possible –Every Canadian in need of healthcare can be confident that the care they receive is the safest in the world.

6 CPSI Mandate Our national mandate is to build and advance a safer health system for Canadians We provide leadership and coordinate work to build a patient safety culture and quality improvement across the healthcare system We advise governments, stakeholders and the public on effective strategies We foster information sharing and support system change

7 We believe… Communication on the subject of patient safety is central to change and improvement Increased sharing of information and ideas on improving patient safety is a cornerstone to a safer public health system in Canada

8 Canadian Patient Safety Week What is Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW)? Canadas only national campaign to raise awareness of patient safety and related programs and initiatives Founded in 2005it is an annual event to keep the issue of patient safety foremost in Canada. Sponsored by the CPSI as part of its national mandate to build and advance a safer healthcare system for Canadians

9 Canadian Patient Safety Week We want to see CPSW grow In this, its third year, the CPSI wants to use the week to highlight Canadian efforts to build a safer health system We welcome your involvement in making CPSW a catalyst to improved patient safety for Canadians

10 Canadian Patient Safety Week Patient Safety: Be Involved Ask. Talk. Listen. CPSW is October 8 – 13, 2007 We want all healthcare providers, professionals and the public to embrace the theme: Be Involved The theme is based on a key element in quality healthcare communicationfundamental to all healthcare settings Ask Talk. Listen. Lets improve communication between patients, clients, colleagues and caregivers

11 How can you help? Apply the 2007 theme into your workday… Become a patient safety advocate. Improve dialogue and cooperationencourage patients and colleagues to ask more questions, talk with each other, listen and make sure they understand what is said. Patient Safety: Be Involved Ask. Talk. Listen.

12 You can make a difference… You can make CPSW come alive by practicing patient safety and talking about patient safety at work and beyond. CPSW is not possible without the effort, dedication and input of healthcare professionals and public advocates. We all have a role to play to help get colleagues, patients and patients friends and families interested and involved.

13 Use the CPSW website Encourage friends and colleagues to be aware of patient safety and to become better informed. See

14 Use website tools Use the information and tools posted online Download materials like: CPSW posters, Brochures, Articles, Powerpoint Presentations, and more Sign up for a CPSI newsletter Host an information event or participate in whats happening near yousee CPSW Eventsshare patient safety news with colleagues

15 At your worksite… Request Patient Safety talks Ask for patient safety presentations during grand rounds or staff assemblies Talk about patient safety with colleagues Apply patient safety principals and practices at work

16 Patient safety is relevant all year long Host Patient Safety talks at your workplace Use CPSW posters and products in your workplace all year to reinforce patient safety messages Include patient safety discussions at staff meetings and share information on patient safety practices Learn more about patient safety in Canadasee

17 CPSW Promotion CPSW has an Online Store – use printed posters, badge clips, mugs, notepads, calendars, buttons and more to help promote Patient Safety

18 Become a patient safety advocate Remember: Health care is a team effort involving patients and all caregivers. The best decisions are made together. Help us advance patient safety in Canada this year. You can make a difference!

19 Were here to help Contact us with your questions or ideas at Canadian Patient Safety Institute Suite 1414, 10235 - 101 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 3G1 Toll Free: 1.866.421.6933 Phone: 780.409.8090Fax: 780.409.8098 Visit to find out more about Canadian Patient Safety Week and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute

20 Thank you! On behalf of the CPSW Organizing Team, thank you for all your efforts during CPSW 2007 and throughout the year.

21 What were doing Add local or worksite information

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