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Stable Equilibrium Unstable.

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1 Stable Equilibrium Unstable

2 Neutral Equilibrium

3 ?_________ ? Equilibrium

4 ? ______ ? Equilibrium

5 Unsaturated Air Adiabatic cooling Adiabatic warming

6 Saturated Air (on the way up) Adiabatic cooling Adiabatic warming
18 oC 18 oC Adiabatic warming 24 oC 28 oC 30 oC 38 oC

7 Stable Atmosphere Dry air
Lifted, unsaturated air at each level is colder and heavier than the air around it. If given the chance the parcel would return to its original position

8 Stable Atmosphere Moist air

9 Unstable Atmosphere Dry air

10 Unstable Atmosphere Moist Air air

11 Stable Atmosphere Dry air

12 Unstable Atmosphere Moist air



15 Making the air more stable
Do Both Warm the air above Cool the air below

16 Making the air more unstable
Do Both cool the air above warm the air below

17 Subsidence Inversion (creating a stable environment through sinking air) +4.6 km = + 46 °C +4.2 km = + 42 °C

18 More or Less Stable?

19 Convective instability
(creating an unstable environment through rising air)



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