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JEOPARDY!!!! MLA FormatSourcesPotpourriGrammar 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 JEOPARDY!!!! MLA FormatSourcesPotpourriGrammar 100 200 300 400 500

2 Last name and page number. Answer: Header

3 Name, Teacher, Language Arts Period #, Day Month Year Answer: Heading

4 The size of spacing between text Answer: Double Space

5 The sheet that contains all of your sources Answer: Work Cited

6 The size of your margins. Answer: 1 inch

7 The publishing company of this work. Answer: World Future Review

8 This is the author’s last name, or the first word of the title inside parenthesis Answer: In-text citation

9 This is the publishing company of this website. Answer: Union Leader Corp.

10 The order in which your sources should be in on your work cited page. Answer: Alphabetical

11 This is where the end punctuation goes when you state a quote. Answer: Outside of the citation

12 This sentence uses conjunction words to combine two ideas. Answer: Compound Sentence

13 This sentence includes a dependent and independent clause. Answer: Complex Sentence

14 Identify the sentence type: June goes to the library and studies every day. Answer: Simple

15 Identify this sentence type: Jonny played football, so Aubrey went shopping. Answer: Compound Sentence

16 The independent clause of this sentence: The woman, who called my mom, sells cosmetics. Answer: The woman sells cosmetics

17 The first sentence of your body paragraph. Answer: Thesis Statement (will also accept restatement of thesis)

18 This is the name for a introduction to a quote, stating a quote, and explaining a quote. Answer: A Sandwich

19 This restates your topic and applies it to your next topic. Answer: Transition Sentences

20 This is what goes in I, II, and III parts of your outline. Answer: Paragraph topics

21 This is the part of the body that represents the conclusion. Answer: The legs

22 Final Jeopardy Write an introduction for the following quote: “A review of the trends impacting higher education will find that they can generally be grouped under three classifications: economic, technical, and student” (Dew 7). Dew, John, R. "The Future of American Higher Education." World Future Review. 4.4 (2012): 7-13. Print.

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