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Spreadsheet Vocabulary

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1 Spreadsheet Vocabulary
Split the screen so you can see the words AND the crossword puzzle AND the quiz at the same time

2 A grid that organizes data
Spreadsheets A grid that organizes data

3 Row The horizontal (across) space on the spreadsheet

4 Column The vertical (up/down) space on the spreadsheet

5 Cell Each individual box on the spreadsheet

6 Cell Reference The column letter and the row number of a cell

7 Value A number that can be entered into a cell

8 chart A picture of information

9 Formula A formula must always start with “=” signs and include cell reference for calculations

10 The cell you are currently working on
Active cell The cell you are currently working on

11 Auto sum A formula that will add up a column of numbers

12 Word Wrap A way to keep words inside 1 cell when typing

13 pattern A way to fill up the empty space with colors

14 format A word at the top of the spreadsheet screen that lets you make changes to font, cells, rows, columns

15 alignment Setting up cells so writing is at top, bottom, center, left or right side of the cell

16 average Adding numbers and dividing by the amount of numbers you have added.

17 If you need more words/definitions, open a spreadsheet and remember what we have done

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