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Community Distribution

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1 Community Distribution
Ecology Community Distribution

2 Ecosystem Stability The interrelationships and interdependencies of organisms affect the development of stable ecosystems – in other words the homeostasis of ecosystems. The types of animal communities found in an ecosystem is dependent upon the kinds of plants and other producer organisms in that ecosystem.

3 Ecosystems are in a constant state of change.
Change can be rapid or slow depending on fluctuation in biotic or abiotic factors.

4 Tolerance Tolerance is the ability to withstand fluctuations in biotic and abiotic environmental factors. Biodiversity gives an ecosystem more tolerance. The greater the biodiversity, the healthier the ecosystem.

5 Limiting Factors Limiting factors are any biotic or abiotic
factors that restrict existence, reproduction, or distribution of organisms.

6 Succession Succession - orderly, natural changes that take place in communities of an ecosystem over time.

7 Primary Succession Primary succession is the colonization of new sites by communities of organisms.

8 Secondary Succession Secondary succession is the sequence of community changes that occur when a community is disrupted by natural disasters or human actions.

9 Climax Community The final stable plant community is called a climax community.   This community may reach a point of stability that can last for hundreds or thousands of years.

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