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Reviewing and Changing Your Completed Application

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1 Reviewing and Changing Your Completed Application
OUAC 101 Online Application for Ontario Secondary School Students

2 Once You’ve Applied You can log back in to your application to:
Pay your application fee if you have not already done so. Review all of the application information you provided to the OUAC. Make changes to your personal information and university/program choices. Respond to university offers of admission.

3 Accessing Your Completed Application
Access the OUAC website using the same URL that you used to access the online application for the first time:

4 Paying for Your Application
If you have not yet paid your application fee, you may log in to your account and pay by credit card. It will take up to one business day to process your application once your payment is submitted. After that time, you may log in to your application again to review or to make changes to the submitted information.

5 Accessing Your Application
Click “My Application” in the navigation bar to access your file. X

6 Modifying Your Application
To review/change your information, click any buttons across the top of the screen, except “Submit”. To respond to a university offer of admission, select “Choices/Offers”. Please read the instructions carefully.

7 Need to Make Changes or Respond to a University Offer of Admission?
You can review and modify your application in the following ways: Add new university/program choices Delete existing university/program choices Change the details of existing choices Change personal/address information Respond to university offers of admission The following slides will show you how!

8 Adding New Programs To add a new program:
Click “Add New Program”, select the program you want and enter the program details. You will then be returned to your choices list.

9 Deleting an Existing Choice
To delete an existing program choice, click “Delete” in the column beside your choice.

10 Making Changes to Your Existing Choices
If you have an active offer, or have accepted a university offer of admission, you will not be able to change the program details. Change details of existing choice: Click “Change”, located to the right of the choice. Make the necessary changes. For a university/program choice that is already on your application, you may change only the details that you specified initially. Note: To change the program code or the university, you must delete the existing choice and then add the new choice.

11 Change Personal and Address Information
is the primary mode of communication between the universities, the OUAC and you. Please verify that the address given is correct and add your university choices to your “contact” or “safe senders” list to ensure that all messages are delivered to your inbox. As you change/correct the various sections of your application, make sure you click “Continue” at the bottom of each page.

12 Responding to a University Offer of Admission
To respond to a university offer of admission, click “Choices/Offers”. Read all instructions carefully. Click “Offer” or “Alternate Offer” in the “Admission Decision” column. To cancel a previously accepted offer of admission, click “Accepted” in the “Applicant Response” column, then click “Cancel”.

13 Unsubmitted Responses
Your response will remain in an “Unsubmitted” status until you successfully complete the “Submit” process and receive a confirmation number at the end of the submit steps. Log back in to your account after one business day to verify your responses under the “Applicant Response” column.

14 Ensure That You Complete the “Submit” Process
In order for the OUAC and the universities to receive your changes/responses, you must complete the “Submit” process. If your changes are submitted successfully, you will immediately receive a confirmation number on the final screen of the “Submit” process. Click one of the circled links to start the “Submit” process.

15 Finalizing Your Changes
When you click “Submit”, the system will display the changes you’ve made in red. If you have added new choices, the fees owed will also be listed. Satisfied with your changes? Click this button to continue:

16 Payment Payment for online changes must be made by credit card.
Read the conditions carefully and click “I Agree”.

17 Confirmation of Changes
When you see this screen, you will know that you have successfully submitted your application changes/responses to offers of admission to the OUAC. Please note: You will receive only one confirmation number for all changes/responses to offers you have made within the same session.

18 Need Assistance? Contact us:
Read the Common Questions and other information on our website at: Contact us: OUAC 170 Research Lane Guelph ON N1G 5E2 Telephone: Fax: Website:

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