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Quelle Neckermann - Germany Reiner Zimmermann Product Management – Oracle DWH Development

3 Presentation Agenda Company Background DWH usage and applications
DWH Architecture SLA Current Activities Good morning, my name is _____________ and I’m pleased to be with you this morning. I’m responsible for ______________ within Oracle’s [Automotive] business. The Automotive industry is one of the largest market segments served by Oracle, you’ll see our customer list later in this presentation. Our Automotive customers keep over 600 Oracle employees very busy and after today’s visit I hope that you’ll see several opportunities where Oracle can help solve some of your problems Enough of that let’s get going

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Company Background

5 Karstadt – Quelle Holding
Revenue Total : 15,3 Mrd. € Mailorder : ,0 Mrd. € Employees : Mailorder : Facts (2003)

6 Quelle - Mailorder Facts (2003) Two strong brands Kennzahlen (2002)
Nr. 1 mailorder company in germany 30% market share in germany 140 daughter companies present in 22 european countries stationary, supporting units/shops in europe 65 mio shipments / year 38 mio main catalogues p. a. 95% brand knowledge Facts (2003)

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DWH usage and applications

8 Data Mining, Customer Scoring, Analysis Granular Data Warehouse
Usage of the DWH CRM-Actions Campagn-Management Data Mining, Customer Scoring, Analysis MIS, Reporting 30% Computing Power Source Systems Granular Data Warehouse

9 Granular Data Warehouse
DWH processes Sales Product- Management Complaints Call-Center Service Internet Complaints Call-Center Service Internet Operative CRM Granular Data Warehouse Analytic CRM MIS Business Intelligence Controlling MIS Business Intelligence Controlling Diversification of marketing material Diversification of marketing material Collection, Consolidation and Storage of all customer related transactions and information add Product – Sales Information (analytical CRM) allocation of targeted information to steer the CRM processes

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DWH architecture

11 ... once upon a time .... a DWH platform was seached ...
Benchmark of several hardware vendors : - HP - Sun - Bull - Tandem - IBM ... and the winner was : SUN E10k EMC

12 ... some years later .... a new DWH platform was seached with a better price performance ratio ... ... and the winner was : HP Superdome HP EVA SAN

13 ... last year .... The system was too expensive – but the vendor was OK ... So they evaluated alternatives Oracle RAC was presented The Amazon case was presented ... and finally the solution was made ... To replace the HP Superdomes with a Oracle RAC – Blade infrastructure

14 Current DWH Infrastructure
Mandantes/companies: Quelle Mode und Preis Madeleine Elegance (incl. Bogner, …) Quelle-Gruppen-DWH (Peter Hahn, KQV, …) Datenbases/Filesystems: DBQDWH: Quelle, „Mode und Preis“, Madeleine, Elegance Quelle goup-DWH ca. 5,8 TB, ca. 600 User DBNDWH: ca. 3,1 TB, ca. 70 User DBKTO: Reporting – Customers - Finance Q/N ca. 1,4 TB, ca. 120 User DBMA: Quelle foreign companies ca. 0,4 TB, ca. 130 User Filesystem: ca. 2,5 TB

15 OS-Struktur on ~11 Knoten
Cluster Distribution of DWH Services Datenbase on 11 nodes DBQDWH DBNDWH DBKTO DBMA DB-Structur on 2 nodes IAS/OID/SSO OS-Struktur on ~11 Knoten NFS, Filesystem TWS, SSH/SFTP XCOMM Testsystem on 1 node ENQDWH ENKTO, ENMA ENSVSDWH Clusterware

16 Cluster-Configuration (Standard)
Quelle RAC RAC Server DBMA Loadbalancer Quelle RAC Quelle RAC Quelle RAC RAC Server DBKTO Test Fibre-Channel Je 4x Xeon64/3,66GHz 16/32 GB Mem. Database DBMA and DBKTO IAS [Discoverer, OID (SSO / LDAP)] Periphere Software (XCOMM, SFTP, SSH,…) Quelle 3x EVA8000 249 discs á146GB

17 Cluster-Re-Configuration (Workload/Peak Mgmt)
Server DBMA DBKTO RAC Quelle Test Loadbalancer Server DBMA DBKTO RAC Quelle Loadbalancer

18 Cluster-Re-Configuration (Testing)
Server DBMA DBKTO RAC Quelle Test Loadbalancer Quelle RAC RAC Server DBMA Loadbalancer RAC Server DBKTO Test Test Test Test

19 Hardware Architecture & Cost (Capex)
Nodes : 12x DL580 – each 15k EUR = EUR (32MB RAM – Xeon Ghz) Infrastructure / Switches / FC = 35k EUR (2 GB / I/O Throughput) Disc Subsystem 3x EVA8000 – each 250k = 750k (17 TB Net capacity / Raid 1) Total EUR

20 Software Architecture
OS : Suse Linux 64bit Disk Layout : Oracle ASM DB – Software : Oracle 10g Backup & Recovery : Oracle RMAN / ILM (planned) System Mgmt : OEM – Diag / Tuning / Change / Conf DB-Options : Partitioning Option Real Application Cluster ETL Option (OWB)

21 Goal of a (joined) Cluster
Conceptual Goals Consolidation of all Marketing-DWHs of mail-order devision Building one platform for DWH-Applications Technological Goals Basis for scalability of computing power and storage without complete change of HW / SAN - normal growth (add now nodes / add additional storage) - cope with short-term peaks through load balancing and reconfiguration of existing ressources. Increase availability through fail-over scenarios Increase availability through rolling upgrade of software Ressource sharing of DB-near services (IAS – SSO – Applications) Speed up system – 3x faster

22 Goal of a (joined) Cluster
Commercial Goals Use of cheap HW – new Hardware ½ price BUT : watch out for Outsourcing concepts : (ex. Adidas) mostly no cost savings for the application owner Existing contacts in place Talk with the outsources

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24 Backup / Recovery Concept (current)
Daily full backup on Tape using Oracle RMAN Backup parallelized on 4 steams/nodes duration 3.5 h Disaster Recovery Scenario – full restore from tape

25 Administration of the DWH
3 shifts / 3 DBA per shift managing 100 Oracle DBs DWH administration : - System / DB admin ~ 4 month / year ~ 0.3 FTE - Disk admin ~ 1 month / year ~ 0.1 FTE - B/R admin ~ 1 month / year ~ 0.1 FTE Total DWH admin 0.5 FTE

26 Volume evolution & influence of Administration
no visible influence tables are range partitioned – hence query time is not influenced old data / partitions are compressed – hence even positive effect on performance

27 Downtime management current SLA’s allow 2 days downtime
max planned downtime since cluster – 4h max unplanned downtime since cluster – 0h Upgrade clusterware and patches – rolling upgrades

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Current Activities

29 Current Activities customer Story w/ German marketing
technical story for DOAG / BI Magazine … EMEA Terabyte Club - Bologna

30 More Information Dr. Gernot Schreib Head DWH – Quelle AG Norbert Gösswein Head DB Management – AtosOrigin AG Herbert Rossgoderer DWH Consultant – Oracle Germany Reiner Zimmermann Product Manager – Oracle DWH Development

31 Quelle AG - Snapshot Business facts Technology facts Business Solution
Quelle AG is the largest mail-order company in Germany with a market share of 30% and 142 subsidaries. Quelle has presents in 22 european countries with mail-order supporting affilates Quelle AG send 65 Mio orders and around 38 Mio main catalogues to clients every year and around 140 Million special catalogues. Quelle has a 95% brand awareness in germany. Migration from Sun E10k / HP Superdome / HP DL580 12 node RAC cluster - HP DL 580 Storage : HP, 3x EVA 8000 / 249 discs a 146 GB Business Solution Used Software - Management Reporting (MIS) - Oracle OLAP & Discoverer technology - around 300 KPI within 10 Dimensions users - Analytical CRM - Time Series analysis - ABC-Analysis - Campaign-Controlling - Retour-analysis - Market Basket Analysis - Kredit – Risk - Fraud Detection Departments : Marketing / Sales / Product Management Controlling / Call Center Oracle 10g R2 RAC / Partitioning / Express ASM OWB Discoverer / OFA / Reports Suse – Linux > 600 users

32 Bring up on stage two customers to tell the audience about their experiences.
Manpower Associates is a $14.9B global company with 27,000 employees in the temporary staffing business. Manpower runs a combined PeopleSoft Enterprise and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne shop. These experts in human resources use Enterprise HCM for their own staffing and EnterpriseOne Payroll and Service Billing for handling the large volumes of US-based temporary staff. Manpower is very happy with Oracle’s support since purchasing PeopleSoft and is looking forward to a long relationship with Oracle. Spokesperson will be Jay Schaudies, Vice President, Global eCommerce. Welch Foods is the food processing and marketing arm of National Grape Cooperative Association. Organized in 1945, National Grape is a grower-owned agricultural cooperative with 1,461 members. The company, headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, operates six plants located in Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington. The company was running a mix of legacy, home grown, and manual systems that failed to provide senior management with accurate and timely cost and production information. Welch’s required a centralized manufacturing and financial information system to improve management decision making. The solution had to be hot-pluggable with existing technologies, for example, Welch’s Plumtree portal. Welch Foods chose Oracle over SAP for this business-critical application. The key to the customer’s business problem was their ability to manage costs. The company’s costs are driven by fruit solid content in each of their products, and they use a specialized technique called BRIX for measuring and calculating the cost of materials. Welch’s compared SAP and Oracle SAP’s software was too rigid and, therefore, unable to include the BRIX calculation in their manufacturing solution. Only Oracle’s OPM could bind this custom cost method into the Quality Management Process. Technology customer yet to be determined. Current possibilities include eBay and FTD Florists.

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