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Job Correspondence Objective: Use Microsoft Word to create proper job correspondence.

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1 Job Correspondence Objective: Use Microsoft Word to create proper job correspondence.

2 Resume + Some people stop with a resume, but that is not the best way. To make yourself stand out other correspondence steps need to be taken. The include a Cover Letter and Thank you notes.

3 The Cover Letter This is just a letter that goes on top of your resume. It gives you an opportunity to focus on specifics. It also gives you a chance to highlight your skills and show your interest.

4 Elements of the Cover Letter 1.A Greeting (include the recipients name when possible) 2.Your reason for the letter (applying for job and include title) 3.Why does the company appeal to you? 4.Why are you a good candidate? 5.Highlights of your skills and experience. 6.A request for an interview. 7.The best time to contact you. 8. A positive closing.

5 Cover Letter Tips Clear opening paragraph stating the position. Enthusiastic closing paragraph requesting an interview. No more than 2 paragraphs in between (4 total) Be honest

6 References Most employers want to talk to references. It is important to correspond with references before putting them down. Never assume someone is willing to be a reference. Let them know in advance so that they will be willing to share with a potential employer what they know about you.

7 Reference criteria Directly contact the individual in person or writing. Be sure you have permission. They know you personally, academically, or professionally. You understand they will be honest about your skills and qualifications.

8 Letters of Recommendation Sometimes for scholarships or employment letters of recommendation are needed. Approach this the same way you would references. However you need to give plenty of notice for the person you ask to write the letter. Also, understand that not everyone will be comfortable writing a letter. If a school or company wants any specific information, find out ahead of time.

9 Thank You Letters Send a short thank you letter to those who interviewed you. This shows that you appreciated their time and interest in you. These can be sent in the mail or by email if you have been corresponding previously through email. Send within 24 hours.

10 Thank You Letter elements 1.A Greeting (include name) 2.A statement of when the interview took place. 3.A recap of your interest. 4.Comment on how you can serve the company. 5.A final Thank You and closing.

11 Correspondence Summary It is easy to see how good correspondence can set you apart from others in the job hunt. This may the difference in whether you say “Would you like fries with that?” OR “I believe I will have the lobster.”

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