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Massachusetts State Advisory Council on Early Childhood Education and Care Grant Application May 2010 1.

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1 Massachusetts State Advisory Council on Early Childhood Education and Care Grant Application May 2010 1

2 Background The Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007 requires the Governor of each “State” to designate or establish a council to serve as the State Advisory Council on Early Childhood Education and Care for children from birth to school entry. To be eligible to receive a grant, a State must prepare and submit an application for a three-year period that addresses select criteria The State Advisory Council is responsible for leading the development or enhancement of a high-quality, comprehensive system of early childhood development and care that ensures statewide coordination and collaboration among the range of programs and services in the State, including: child care, Head Start, IDEA preschool and infants and families programs, pre-kindergarten programs and services. 2

3 Required Grant Activities A statewide strategic report addressing the activities of the Advisory Council How funds will be used to improve school preparedness by developing or enhancing programs and activities consistent with the statewide strategic plan A description of the State early learning standards and the State's goals for increasing the number of children entering kindergarten ready to learn The agency or joint interagency office, and the individual designated by the Governor to coordinate the activities of the State Advisory Council A description of how the State plans to sustain activities beyond the grant period 3

4 Healthy, Safe and Ready Children 4

5 Key Sectors of the Service System A sample of programs included within each sector in a birth through age 8 system: Physical, oral and mental health services: health insurance, prenatal care, developmental screenings, well child visits, nutrition and food programs, dental care Family supports and services: family literacy, parenting education, fiscal supports, family friendly work policies, parental mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse or incarceration, housing, child welfare Early education and care: licensed and unlicensed family-based child care, center-based child care, preschool and Head Start, and Early intervention: Early Head Start, B-3 programs and preschool special education. 5

6 State Advisory Council Functions A. Needs assessment B. Early education and care collaboration C. Early education and care enrollment & outreach D. Unified data collection E. Quality improvement in early education and care (NEW MA Item) F. Professional development G. Early education-higher education workforce preparation partnerships H. Early learning standards 6

7 Six Focus Areas for ARRA Grant Early Childhood Information System development and use (2010-2013) Needs Assessment (2010-2012) B-8 Community Planning and PreK-3 Partnerships (2010-2013) Early Education/Higher Education Data Partnership (2010-2011) Policy/Best Practices: Children & Families Limited English Proficient and/or developmental delays or multiagency Involvement (2010- 2013) ARRA Council Implementation Support and Accountability (2010-2013) 7

8 Fiscal Requirements States are required to meet a non-Federal share of 70% of the total approved cost of the project The non-Federal share may be met by cash or in- kind contributions No waivers allowed Non-federal share may include: investments in early childhood education and development programs, Workforce professional development, “in-kind” contributions of real property, equipment and supplies services, fairly valued, provided by State employees, consultants and Advisory Committee members with direct and tangible benefits for the SAC 8

9 Budget Year I 9

10 Budget Year I Details 10

11 Budget Year II 11

12 Budget Year II Details 12

13 Budget Year III 13

14 Budget Year III Details 14

15 Public Comments Expand focus areas to include children with developmental delays Create a stronger partnership for DPH and EI to address children with developmental delays Ensure community based planning birth to 8 includes a family focus Add data and language regarding homelessness as a risk factor; also incorporate into the needs assessment and as a focus for improved collaborations Needs assessment: shorten, allow for handwritten comments and reduce language barriers Review other relevant state reports vs. focusing on local data Include a compensation strategy and a study of rates Include Commonwealth Corporation, not only Bessie Tartt Wilson Foundation Professional Registry System should also incorporate a methodology on adult learners 15

16 Board Approval EEC request the board approve the submission of this grant application. 16

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