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Therapeutic Touch By Napawan Punyaniyama Case, PhD, RN.

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1 Therapeutic Touch By Napawan Punyaniyama Case, PhD, RN

2 What is Therapeutic Touch? TT is the intentionally directed process of energy exchange, through which the practitioner channels and focuses the healing energy to the patient in order to facilitate healing. The hands are used to focus and direct the energy to those areas which are in deficit or imbalance, smoothing out the disordered energy.

3 How Was Therapeutic Touch Born? In 1972, Dolores (Dee) Krieger, PhD, RN worked with a group of NYU graduate students to learn from Dora Kunz, a national healer. During the summer of 1972, Dora, Dee and the nursing students created a new healing modality that came to be known as Therapeutic Touch (TT).

4 Chakras and Endocrine System

5 Therapeutic Touch (TT) The goal of TT is to facilitate the healing of the whole person. Involves: Centering, Assessing, Clearing, Direction of Energy, and Evaluation/Ending. Utilizes Mindfullness Meditation. TT is not psychic healing, faith healing or other forms of energy healing.

6 Therapeutic Touch Taught to Nurses - over 43,000 in the U.S. > Therapeutic Touch is a well-defined science > 59 scientific studies supporting TT Columbia University used Kirlian photography to show the energy bands of the human body. See www. kirlian.html These energy bands are directed or smoothed by Near-Infrared signals transmitted from the practitioner to the patient *. * Under current study

7 Actual Kirlian Photos - studies by KG Korotkov Bio-energy (finger tip) before a healing treatment Bio-energy after treatment All living creatures generate and emit radiations. Photons of light, electromagnetic frequencies, heat, sound, and scent are all emitted from our bodies in direct relationship to our internal states.

8 Research Dr. Thelma Moss of UCLA devoted much time and energy to the study of Kirlian photography when she led the parapsychology laboratory there in the 1970s. Also, in the 1970s psychologist Joe H. Slate Ph.D. led research at Athens State University under the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command as project "Kirlian Photography" Current research continues by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov in the Russian University, St. Petersburg State Technical University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. Dr. Korotkov has published several books on Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). Published research appears in peer- reviewed scientific journals explaining the GDV, including several articles in the Journal of Applied Physics and in IEEE. A used GDV camera sells for $8,000. GDV Camera 2008

9 Promote Relaxation, Reduce Stress Relieve Tension Headaches, Sinus and Genalized pain Reduce Migraine Headaches, Post-operative pain & Phantom Pain Reduce neck and back pain Promote Tissue/Wound healing MAJOR APPLICATIONS Has demonstrated significant results at our clinic: Advanced Medical Health Clinic

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