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Resumes: How to make yours work for you Lynn Walsh, Career Advisor.

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1 Resumes: How to make yours work for you Lynn Walsh, Career Advisor

2 Purpose of a Résumé To market and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job This is your marketing brochure Research has shown that most resumes are looked at for 10 seconds or less so it has to make a good first impression Your resume is your career on paper; it is worth doing right!

3 Step 1: Choosing a Format Chronological No major gaps in your employment history Work history is related and it reflects growth in the field The chronological resume is primarily comprised of work experience with a couple of other major headings indicating achievements, education, etc. Functional Have skills that were not attained through your work experience or are not highlighted by using the traditional format Entering the job market Re-entering the workforce Career change and your experience does not relate to your new job objective

4 Choosing a Format cont… Combination (Chrono-functional) To include a combination of work and volunteer experience as well as education, achievements and special skills

5 Step 2: Personal Information Use your full name, never a nickname (an initial is optional) Name should be bolded, centered or to the right or left (top of page) and larger font Include:contact number current mailing address e-mail address if you check it regularly

6 Step 3: Job Objective Indicates: Position of interest Relevant information to position Try and be as specific as possible Can also be called Career Focus

7 Step 4: Highlight of Qualifications Highlights and summarizes your top selling points (should be tailored to each position) Highlight the skills and accomplishments the employer is looking for Avoid using general statements. Instead provide pertinent facts about your experience and skills Usually 4-6 bullet points

8 Example Highlights of Qualifications Possess over two years experience organizing fundraising events Successfully marketed programs through public service announcements, advertisements and educational newsletters Knowledge in program evaluation and providing recommendations for improvement Obtained extensive training in marketing and promotions Recognized for my talent and ability to build rapport and trust with clients and stakeholders

9 Refer to your education in reverse chronological order Bold the name of your degree (s) Additional Training or Professional DevelopmentAll education and training is important and should be included on the resume. It may be listed in another section called Additional Training or Professional Development Only include your GPA if it will help (and specify if your GPA is out of 3 or 4) Can include Master’s thesis here Step 5: Educational Background

10 Education Masters of Business Administration2004-2007 Memorial University of NewfoundlandSt. John’s, NL GPA 3.75/4.0 Bachelor of Commerce DegreeJune 2002 Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS GPA 3.85/4.0 Education Example

11 Step 6: Work Experience List in reverse chronological order and list: year, job title, name of employer (organization / company), city and country Focus on skills, leadership roles and accomplishments Bold job titles & start each phrase with an action word E.g. Coordinated the CACEE Conference 2005 vs. Individual responsible for coordinating the….. If you have a lot of short term work then group them together if possible i.e.. Bartending, waitressing, etc…

12 Work Experience Example Employment Experience Marketing Assistant 2002-2004 Target Marketing, St. John’s, NL Promoted…. Organized Lifeguard 1998-2004 Boys and Girls Club, St. John’s, NL Monitoring… Guarding….

13 Step 7: Optional Sections Volunteer Experience Awards and Accomplishments Research Conference Attendance Professional Affiliations Interests Presentations Publications Additional Training

14 Tips on References Seek approval beforehand Give references a copy of resume and job description of position (s) sought References are not required on your resume but if not included you should indicate “references available upon request” at the end If included, list on a separate page with same header as on resume

15 Additional Resume Hints Include name and page number on each page Always have someone proof read for errors Use action verbs to highlight responsibilities and accomplishments Try not to exceed two pages (excluding references) Leave some white space Customize each resume for every employer

16 Additional Resume Hints Do not include: - age, height, weight, religious/political affiliations, or social insurance number Avoid paragraphs, use bullet statements Use bolded headings and consistent spacing and formatting If you include your email make sure you check the account often and that the address is professional Invest in an answering machine

17 Reminders…. Target the position and employer you are interested in pursuing Make sure to critique the cover letter & résumé before sending it out No spelling errors Bold your degree and job title Keep your cover letter to one page and write about your skills and qualifications for the job; give specific examples. Resume shouldn’t be any longer than 2 pages Do not include personal information on the résumé or cover letter Focus on your school, previous work experience, skills and interests In North America, a résumé and curriculum vitae (CV) are different. A résumé is used for job search A CV presents a complete picture of the breadth and depth of academic experiences you have accumulated.

18 Contact: International Student Career Advisor Lynn Walsh Centre for Career Development/International Student Advising p: 709-737-8167 or 737-8895 Office Hours: Mon., Tues. & Fri. (9am – 5pm): Centre for Career Development (CCD), 4th floor of UC Wed. & Thurs. (9am – 4:45pm): ISA Office, Corte Real

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