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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Volcanoes and Plates MagmaEruptionsLandforms Essay Topics Capture the Chapter.

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4 With Host... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 Volcanoes and Plates MagmaEruptionsLandforms Essay Topics Capture the Chapter

6 The _______________ is a belt of volcanoes around the rim of the Pacific Ocean. A 100

7 What is the Ring of Fire? A 100

8 An area where magma melts through the crust in the middle of a plate is called a(n) _____________. A 200

9 What is a hot spot? A 200

10 These form along the boundaries of Earth’s plates. A 300

11 What are volcanic belts? A 300

12 This volcanic formation occurs where two plates converge and subduction causes crust to be melted in the mantle. A 400

13 What is an island arc? A 400

14 This is a weak spot in the crust where molten material reaches Earth’s surface. A 500

15 What is a volcano? A 500

16 The molten mixture of rock- forming substances, gases, and water deep in Earth’s mantle is called __________. B 100

17 What is magma? B 100

18 The more __________ that magma contains, the thicker the magma is. B 200

19 What is silica? B 200

20 A substance that cannot be broken down into other substances is a(n) ________. B 300

21 What is an element? B 300

22 A substance’s ability to burn is an example of a(n) __________________. B 400

23 What is a chemical property? B 400

24 Pahoehoe and aa are produced during __________ eruptions. B 500

25 What are quiet? B 500

26 A(n) ________________ happens when an explosive eruption hurls ash, cinders, bombs, and gases out of a volcano. C 100

27 What is a pyroclastic flow? C 100

28 Liquid magma flows upward through the crust because it is _________ dense than the solid material around it. C 200

29 What is less? C 200

30 Inside a volcano, magma collects in a pocket called a __________________. C 300

31 What is a magma chamber? C 300


33 This is a physical property of magma from a quiet eruption. C 400

34 What is flows easily, low silica content, low viscosity? (any one of the above will do) C 400

35 A volcano that is erupting or has shown signs that it may erupt in the future is called _________________. C 500

36 What is active? C 500

37 A(n) ___________ is a wide, gently sloping mountain made of hardened layers of low-silica lava. D 100

38 What is a shield volcano? D 100

39 A(n) _______________ forms when magma hardens in a volcano’s pipe and is later exposed. D 200

40 What is a volcanic neck? D 200

41 Magma that forces itself across rock layers hardens to form this. D 300

42 What is a dike? D 300

43 A(n) _______________ is hot water and steam that erupts from the ground. D 400

44 What is a geyser? D 400

45 When the top of a volcanic mountain collapses, a ____________ forms. D 500

46 What is a caldera? D 500

47 This is the energy derived from water that has been heated by magma underground. E 100

48 What is geothermal energy? E 100

49 This is why explosive eruptions cause ash, cinders and bombs to be produced. E 200

50 What is the lava that is ejected has a high viscosity and silica content which forces it to be broken down as it cools to form these particles? (Accept reasonable answers) E 200

51 This is how geothermal energy is used. E 300

52 What is for heating homes as hot water and for creating electricity by using steam to power turbines? (Accept reasonable answers) E 300

53 This is the main difference between a composite volcano and the type of volcano that forms the Hawaiian Islands. E 400

54 What is the Hawaiian Islands are shield volcanoes made up of thin layers of lava in a gently sloping mountain? (Accept reasonable answers) E 400

55 An earthquake changed the geysers at Yellowstone National Park. Some geysers now erupt at different times than they did before. This is the reason why these changes may have occurred. E 500

56 What is the changes may have closed some channels in the rock and opened others or may have widened or narrowed some channels? (Accept reasonable answers) E 500

57 A(n) _________________ is a mass of rock that formed when a large body of magma cooled inside Earth’s crust. F 100

58 What is a batholith? F 100

59 Volcanic soils are fertile because they contain ____________. F 200

60 What is phosphorus and potassium? F 200

61 Layers of thin, runny lava that flow over a wide area before they cool and harden can build up a ___________. F 300

62 What is a lava plateau? F 300

63 This is the type of volcano that forms when you have a layer of ash, cinders, and bombs followed by a layer of lava then more ash, cinders and bombs. F 400

64 What is a composite volcano? F 400

65 These are two factors that affect the force of a volcanic eruption. F 500

66 What are viscosity and silica content? F 500

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Geographic Places Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

68 This is one of the three locations in the U.S. where batholiths are found. Click on screen to continue

69 What are the Idaho batholith, the Sierra Nevada batholith, or the Baja batholith? (any one of the answers is ok) Click on screen to continue

70 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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