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Unit 3 Networking & References Career Development Strategies.

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1 Unit 3 Networking & References Career Development Strategies

2 Seminar Agenda Review of Unit 2 Career Networking Use of Technology References Questions/Answers

3 Did you know??? A majority of job vacancies are never advertised. Networking can help you find more jobs effectively!

4 Career Networking… What it is and why we need to do it… Networking is the building up or maintaining of informal relationships, especially with people whose friendship could bring advantages such as job or business opportunities. (Encarta Dictionary: English (North America), in Microsoft Word tools)

5 How to Job Search Network Informal Job Search Networking Formal Job Search Networking Use of technology

6 Networking… Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Networking is a two-way street. Network contacts should be nurtured, even when not needed. Treat networking like you do your friendships, with care and respect.

7 Ways to Network… seek opportunities to volunteer, serve on committees or projects, or sign up for special-interest groups What do you do to network???? What are examples of networking that you currently do or would like to do?

8 Let’s Get to Practical Tips! My Top Ten Networking Tips 1.Arrive early, dressed appropriately. 2. Bring business cards or your own card to hand out. 3. Your goal should be to meet 5 people per hour! Setting this goal will keep you from becoming a wallflower. 4. Remember, never start a conversation by talking about yourself! 5. If you discuss your present company, keep your comments short and positive.

9 Practical Tips Continued 6. Keep your conversation short and focused on gathering the information you need as well as providing your own contact information. 7. If you are with colleagues from your own company, don't sit together. It makes other people feel like outsiders to your group. 8 Never talk about religion, politics, sports, weather, or entertainment at a business event. 9. Send a follow-up letter to all those you met once you leave the event. 10. Make a "tickler-file" of your contacts and follow-up your first letter in a month or two.

10 Networking Cards – They Work! What are “networking cards?” -Basically, networking cards are a version of business cards you carry with you to hand-out at networking opportunities. -After all, it’s not practical to carry a stack of resumes with you wherever you go. -Networking cards are mini-resumes

11 Example 1

12 Example II – College Student

13 Job Search Networking Tips Conduct informational interviews with your contacts and ask for referrals for additional meetingsinformational interviews Follow through with referrals, and always thank contacts in writing (email is fine) Create an inventory of your accomplishments, including your educational background and work history, to keep at hand should a chance encounter become a contact Make a list of the assets you will bring as a prospective employee Bring business cards and a pen Write some notes so you'll remember the details on who you have just met on the business cards you collect or in a notebook When networking online, keep track of who you've emailed and where you have posted so you can follow up Finally, if you haven't memorized all your strengths and strong points write them down - you'll need to articulate these in your resumes and cover letters well as emphasize them during interviews.

14 References References can include professional references and personal references Do not include references unless you have asked permission Information to include: –Name –Mailing address –Telephone –Email address Do not provide more than 4 references on your reference page Don’t forget to include the same heading as your resume in case your reference page gets separated from your resume!

15 Reference (in resume) - Don’t include references in your resume. -“References Furnished Upon Request” is unnecessary. -Employers assume you will be willing to provide references if you are asked.

16 Questions/Answers Thank you for taking the time to meet with me tonight! I know you have very busy schedules and appreciate you taking time out to attend the seminar. Please make sure to contact me with any questions that were not covered in tonight’s seminar.

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