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Minimalist Educational Materials for Distance Delivery

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1 Minimalist Educational Materials for Distance Delivery
Minimalist Educational Materials - Ken McKee 3/22/2017 Minimalist Educational Materials for Distance Delivery Ken McKee - BEd, BSc, PTC Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 3/22/2017

2 Minimalism / Education
I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do, I understand ~Confuscious Education should be useful. If it is not, what is it? ~Whitehead 3/22/2017

3 Overview Traditional delivery problems Distance delivery problems
How does Learning occur? What is Education? What is Minimalism? Minimalist Solutions 3/22/2017

4 Traditional Delivery Problems
Books Too thick Not directly applicable Students Very busy with time restraints Don’t, won’t, can’t read Technology More time requirements Different platforms 3/22/2017

5 Problems with Traditional Delivery
Teachers Lecture Control concerns Class size, ability levels, interest Content applicability 3/22/2017

6 Distant Delivery Problems
Materials make or break technology solutions No teacher in sight Technology to overcome Texts too thick, where do I look? Questions via can be numerous 3/22/2017

7 What is Education? “Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge” ~Whitehead "Develop the best pedagogy you can. See how well you can do. Then analyze the nature of what you did that worked."   ~ Jerome Bruner 3/22/2017

8 Who decides what is usable?
Students should experience the joy of discovery and understand the application here and now in the circumstances of his/her life ~Whitehead Appreciation by use The external connections of the subject drag thought outwards 3/22/2017

9 Ideas, which are not utilized, are positively harmful (inert)
Ideas, which are not utilized, are positively harmful (inert) ~Whitehead 3/22/2017

10 The problem of keeping knowledge alive, of preventing it from becoming inert, is the central problem of all education ~Whitehead 3/22/2017

11 Education is the evocation of curiosity, of judgment, of the power of mastering a complicated tangle of circumstances, the use of theory in giving foresight in special cases 3/22/2017

12 Romance Stage of Education
First stage of apprehension Appreciation of connections Education must essentially be a setting in order of a ferment already stirring in the mind 3/22/2017

13 Precision Stage of Education
Represents an addition to knowledge Analyzing the facts, bit by bit 3/22/2017

14 Generalization Stage of Education
Return to romanticism with the added advantage of classified ideas and relevant technique 3/22/2017

15 What is Minimalism? Brevity of materials
Materials that work and work well Self paced Applicable 3/22/2017

16 Minimalist Solutions Create the best applied materials you can
Work as if you were a student Test the materials with students Questions indicate areas to adjust Rework, test materials again Could students write an introduction at end of chapter? Rework, test, rework, test 3/22/2017

17 Minimalist Strategies
All learning tasks should be meaningful and self contained Learners should be given realistic projects ASAP Instructions permit self-directed reasoning and improvising Increase the number of active learning activities 3/22/2017

18 Minimalist Strategies
Training materials and activities should provide for error recognition and recovery Close linkage between the training and the actual system (job) Minimize instructional materials which obstruct learning 3/22/2017

19 Applying Minimalist Principals
Action centered tasks Focus on what user needs Omit long introductions Omit repetition and verbiage Exploit what user already knows Rely on users to think and improvise 3/22/2017

20 References Carroll, J.M. 1990. The Nurnberg Funnel
Carroll, J.M Minimalism Beyond the Nurnberg Funnel Eiler, M.A Minimalism and Documentation Downsizing Reddish, J A Practical Guide to Useability Testing Reddish, J Building usability into your documentation, Interfaces and websites Whitehead, A.N The Aims of Education

21 Minimalist Websites and Links
Minimalism (J. Carroll):    Minimalism and Documentation:   Cognitive Approaches to Instructional Design:   Achieving Minimalism Through Interactive Multimedia:   Technical Writers of India (TWIN): Usability Testing: 3/22/2017

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