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Welcome Homework: tomorrow Assignment One: Get Creative due tomorrow! TEST: WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 9th.

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1 Welcome Homework: tomorrow Assignment One: Get Creative due tomorrow! TEST: WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 9th

2 History Quick Fact  Helped in the French Revolution.  Made himself Emperor after victory.  Was exiled to an island.  Escaped from exile- went back to France and took over again.  Lost another battle and was exiled again where he died.  Didn’t like his wife’s name (Rose) so he changed it to Josephine (and she went along with it)

3 What Have We Learned About So Far?

4 Stop and Think What do you know about Louisiana? What have we learned about Louisiana so far? (Hint: think about the Pickney Treaty) Why was this area so important to us? Was Louisiana a state at this point in time?

5 Leading Up To The Louisiana Purchase Spain controlled Louisiana and the New Orleans port, however, as settlers began to move in, Spain saw that it was impossible to keep Americans out of their territory. Spain decided to give the problem to someone else: France. Under a treaty, Spain gave the land to them. France was led by Napoleon and through his leadership France had conquered most of Europe.

6 France’s Intentions France already controlled Haiti and hoped that by taking control of New Orleans they could begin to expand into North America. However, when the slaves in Haiti revolted and the French army was defeated, their hopes of expansion were ruined.

7 The French needed money to pay for their wars in Europe. After their defeat in Haiti, the French offered Jefferson to buy not only New Orleans but all of Louisiana. The French offered the U.S a bargain: the land would only cost $15 million dollars.

8 Jefferson’s Concerns Jefferson was worried about the deal. This was because the Constitution did not mention the purchase of foreign lands. He had a strict interpretation of the Constitution and did not want to stray from it.

9 Senate’s Response Jefferson asked the Senate for permission and they agreed.

10 The Louisiana Purchase On October 20, 1801 the Louisiana Territory was bought- doubling the size of the United States.


12 Welcome Homework: None Due: Assignment One: Get Creative DUE TODAY! PLEASE HAND IN TUESDAY



15 Francis Scott Key Wrote the national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” Wrote it after witnessing the Battle of Baltimore during the War of 1812

16 The Coming of War US had to briefly go to war to stop the Barbary pirates of North Africa from holding their ships for ransom

17 Violations of Neutrality Great Britain and France were at war- each side wanted to stop the US from giving goods to the other. British ships began to capture US citizens who they claimed were British Navy sailors trying to escape. This was called IMPRESSMENT (the practice of forcing people to serve in an army of navy).

18 Our Reaction: The Embargo Act: Banned trade with foreign countries Effect: lost a lot of money in trade Non-Intercourse Act: The Embargo Act was unpopular and devastating so this new act banned trade only with Britain and France

19 Conflict in the West British & Native Americans vs. U.S. : The Fight Over Land British agents from armed the Native Americans to slow down westward expansion

20 Tecumseh vs. Harrison A Native American leader emerged Governor of the Indian Territory- Harrison- was worried

21 Battle of Tippecanoe Harrison told Tecumseh to follow the treaty signed which gave the land to the Americans Tecumseh said white people had no right to take land Tecumseh tried to band tribes together and form a confederation Harrison attacked while he was trying to do so, Tecumseh was defeated Tecumseh fled to Canada


23 Call for War War Hawks- members of Congress who wanted to go to war against Britain War Hawks wanted to (1) invade Canada and (2) stop British influence on Native Americans

24 Those Against War New England Federalist- did not want a war as it would further hurt trade Others argued U.S. was not powerful enough for a war with Britain

25 DECLARING WAR President Madison asked Congress to vote peace or war The War Hawks won

26 The War of 1812 EARLY BATTLES: AT SEA Americans had many victories at sea against the British The British Navy was bigger but it was scattered across the globe

27 Battles on Border WHERE BATTLE TOOK PLACE BATTLE DETAILSOUTCOME DETROITBritish led by Tecumseh captured Fort Detroit Failure NIAGRA FALLSState militia refused to cross into Canada to fight: they argued they did not have to fight in a foreign country Failure MONTREALFailure

28 Our Luck Changes: The Battle of Lake Erie British surrender U.S. gains control of lake, now has ability to march into Canada Tecumseh dies during a battle on land in Canada

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