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Reporting Injuries 1. Immediately report all Work Related Injuries to your Supervisor! 2.

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1 Reporting Injuries 1

2 Immediately report all Work Related Injuries to your Supervisor! 2

3  All University Police Officers are first-aid and CPR trained.  Fire Department personnel are trained and certified Emergency medical Technicians.  Either, or both may respond to medical emergencies on campus.  Any injury occurring as a result of an existing hazardous condition should be reported to the University Police Department 3

4  If a medical emergency occurs: ◦ Remain calm and call 5911 or use an Emergency Call Box to report the incident. ◦ Do not move the injured person unless safety concerns dictate. ◦ Comfort the patient and offer assurance that medical assistance is on the way. ◦ If properly trained, use pressure to stop bleeding and provide Basic Life Support (CPR). ◦ DO NOT jeopardize your health or the health of the patient. ◦ Wait for professional help if you are unable to provide proper First-Aid safely.

5  For extreme medical emergencies, dial 911!!!  Do not go to your personal physician!!  Do not give the Urgent Care Center your personal health insurance card. The Center will bill USC Upstate directly for medical services.

6  If you provide First-Aid to the patient, consider the following: ◦ Is immediate action needed to save a life? ◦ Will I place myself in harm or jeopardy? ◦ Be aware of the potential hazards associated with Bloodborne Pathogens. Do not come into contact with body fluids. Wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). ◦ If exposed to suspected infectious material, wash the exposed area thoroughly with soap and water; seek medical attention. ◦ First-Aid Kits are located with the Building or Floor ◦ Coordinator on each floor of every ◦ campus building.

7  During operational hours (8:30-5:00 Mon- Fri.) graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for episodic and acute care at the Student health Center.  Students with minor illnesses or injuries may be referred to the Student Health Center as well.  503-5191

8  Emergency treatment for job-related injury or medical illness may be obtained by calling University Police at 503-5911.  The police will in turn dispatch appropriate emergency response personnel.  The Police and Fire Departments will respond and arrange for transportation if required.

9  If an injury occurs while performing work duties between 8:30am–5:00pm, the employee should go to Health Services on campus located in the Palmetto Villa Building 1.  If the injury occurs after 5pm, the employee should go to Urgent Care Center on Highway 29. ◦ The employee should take Physician’s Report (HR-81-A) with them for completion at the time of the evaluation.Physician’s Report (HR-81-A)  If the injury is too serious to be handled by Urgent Care Center, University Police can call an ambulance to transport the employee to the Emergency Department at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center.

10  An Employer’s Report of Injury/Illness of Employee form must be completed for all incidents of job related illness and injury.  Call the Compensation and Benefits section of Personnel Services for forms and assistance.  Occupational injuries and illnesses will be treated at: ◦ Regional Occupational health 8311 Warren H. Abernathy Highway Spartanburg, SC 29301 (864) 562-1000

11  Employee should complete the Employee Injury Report (HR-81-B) and give the report to their supervisor.  The supervisor should complete the Supervisor’s Report (HR 81-C) form. All three forms (HR-81-A, HR-81-B, and HR-81-C) must be sent to the Human Resources Office to the attention of Ella Mae Brown or Shirley Parton.  Attach any medical bills or filled prescriptions (NDC #, Prescription Name, Name of prescribing physician) to the forms.  These forms can be accessed through the Human Resources website.Human Resources website

12  Note: It is important to understand that the filing of the Workers’ Comp claim to the State Accident Fund does not guarantee payment for medical treatment or lost wages. If liability is not accepted by the State Accident Fund, the employee will be responsible for all charges for medical treatment and prescriptions.

13  To download the newly revised 2009 Worker Comp Procedures document, click  You may now finish this training tutorial by completing the OSHA Assessment Quiz.OSHA Assessment Quiz

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