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Source One Network Solutions with Corporate Headquarters based in Fitchburg, Wisconsin specializes in providing multi- location clients, with nationwide.

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1 Source One Network Solutions with Corporate Headquarters based in Fitchburg, Wisconsin specializes in providing multi- location clients, with nationwide field services and support. Developing “OUTSIDE THE BOX” strategies and concepts to better control cost and enhance “on time completion rates” and much, much more! Our strategies are based on years of multi-facet field services, project management, software development and technology expertise. Thinking out of the box has become a normal way of life for us. Our concepts include setting clearly define procedures and process, and then developing custom software to drive the project results. Our ability to develop and integrate the custom software is second to none through our Joshua Project Management template From construction work to sensitive IT components, service on demand to nation-wide roll-outs and re-branding. Source One has the resources, talent, dedication and creative thinking to make your next project a success ! Overview

2 Information Technology

3 Over the last nine years as technology changed so did the Source One’s focus, providing our clients with creative solutions to all their needs. From infrastructure design to state of the art configuration centers, developing custom software to drive even the most intense nationwide roll-out with limited time frames were achieved. Our success comes from a talented staff with years of experience in the Information Technology field. Our staffs’ dedication to our clients’ and the willingness to go the extra mile has made Source One a leader in the technology environment. Technology Services

4 From receiving to delivery at all your sites, our web based automated staging and configuration processes provides a seamless connecting point between vendor deliveries to installation. Tracking all your assets is simple and detailed, with our on line web based reporting you have access to all the information. Customizing our software to meet your requirements or integrate with your existing system helps to stream line the information flow. Using our “Joshua Project Management Software” in conjunction with our state of the art warehousing skills now allows our clients to bulk purchase materials and disperse them from a central location allowing cost savings. Source One can control all your purchases and deliver just in time to any job site “determined by the project management team”. Once the project and inventory is set-up in our project management software, received in our warehouse then, Joshua takes over. Delivering defined daily pick reports and staging reports in real time to the warehouse allowing the warehouse staff to pick stage/configure and ship all appropriate items to the right site for an on time delivery. Reports provide detail information of all items from purchasing to delivery, as well as custom reports when required. Staging and Configuration:

5 Up grading your new or existing infrastructure always becomes a challenge. With our detailed project management capabilities and qualified dedicated installation teams creates a powerful process for any type of upgrade. Coupling the installation with our ability to stage, configure and install the hardware and software makes a great fit for a single source accountability process. On line pictures and test results placed on the web site allows for quality control as well as archiving for help desk trouble shooting and support. IT Infrastructure Services

6 24/7/365 All calls always answered by a Source One employee Our “ON DEMAND SERVICE AND SUPPORT CENTER” is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Accessible by phone, fax, e-mail or the Web, our Call Center uses our Joshua web support technology allowing even store mangers via the web to dispatch the assigned dedicated service technician with immediate response. Our agents work vigorously to ensure prompt dispatch, efficient management and follow up of Service Requests, and constant communication with our Service Staff, Your Stores, and your corporate support staff. The Call Center is manned around the clock by experienced agents. In addition to dispatching service requests, our agents also communicate with Store personnel to ensure everything possible is done to minimize disruption to the store operation, and prevent unnecessary dispatches. Our service reporting is state of the art providing any type of reports you may require! IT Service & Support on Demand

7 Source One provides warrantee repair.and service contracts including depot maintenance to on site repair. Fix price per year with dedicated service staff to discounted block time rates, Source One can design and provide a program to meet your needs. Our IBM service provider partnership enables us to perform on going service and support of all IBM equipment. From Point of Sale, desktop support, printers, routers switches and more our Source One service staff has the skills, knowledge and certifications to meet your requirements. Warrantee & Repair Partners

8 You invest in security systems to control lost revenue and inventory shrinkage, if it doesn’t work it’s not doing its job! We have been asked to include security to our array of services, with our ability to excel in response times, service and support this technology. From large CCTV roll-outs to servicing EAS systems once again Source One has proven its capabilities. Detailed reporting and performance measurements are standard daily operating procedures. When you assess your current security program and find it’s not repaired the next day, give us a call. Security, EAS systems, CCTV

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