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Persuasive Writing Definition and Topics

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1 Persuasive Writing Definition and Topics
Write down information about the topics that interest you, but you will only develop ONE into an essay.

2 Persuasive Writing Definition
Writing that has as its purpose convincing others to accept the writer’s position as valid, adopt a certain point of view, or take some action. (Use emotional appeals, logical appeals, facts, statistics, humor, and/or your own personal experiences to get your reader’s attention)

3 Option #1—Essay Your friend is getting behind in class because he/she fails to do homework or does it while watching TV and snacking. Think about the conditions necessary for intense concentration and learning. Now convince your friend why studying and doing homework differently is important.

4 Option #2—Essay During independent working time, your teacher frequently plays soft, calming music which you would like to change. Decide what type of background music you would like played during independent working time. Now convince your teacher to play the kind of music you prefer as background for independent working time.

5 Option #3—Letter Write a persuasive letter (in correct letter format) to the members of the Douglas County Board of Education persuading them to change something about school. Excellent letters may actually be sent to the Board!

6 Option #4—Letter Write a persuasive letter (in correct letter format) to your parents, asking them to build you your own apartment connected to the house. Be sure to use reasons that parents would want to hear.

7 Requirements Plan to write 4 – 6 paragraphs.
You must include an introduction, a conclusion, and 2-3 body paragraphs. Letters should use correct formatting. The introduction should have an opinion statement. The body paragraphs will be the main points supporting your statement. The conclusion should re-state your opinion statement. You may neatly handwrite or type your piece. Handwritten: use blue or black ink only and do not write on the back of the paper Typed: double-space your lines of type and use a font that is easy to read, no bigger than 16 point Follow the steps of the Writing Process The rough draft will be turned in with the final draft. Editing and Revising is required.

8 Timeline Thursday 2/9: pick your topic and prewrite
Friday 2/10: finish prewriting and begin rough draft Monday 2/13—Tuesday 2/14: Edit and Revise Wednesday 2/15—Thursday 2/16: Computer Lab Friday 2/17: papers are due

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