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District 7010 PR Presentation Public Relations. Responsibilities of the Club PR Committee What are the responsibilities of the Club Public Relations committee,

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1 District 7010 PR Presentation Public Relations

2 Responsibilities of the Club PR Committee What are the responsibilities of the Club Public Relations committee, and what are YOUR responsibilities as chair of this committee?  Inform the public about Rotary and promote the club’s service projects and activities.  Develop committee goals to achieve the club’s PR goals for the upcoming year.  Promote Rotary and your Rotary Club in your community.  Work with Rotarians in your club to maximize PR efforts.  Understand the components of public relations that will help you promote Rotary to your community.  Know Rotary’s key messages and be able to use them when speaking in public.

3 Rotary’s Key Messages Rotary is one of the largest and most influential international humanitarian service organizations in the world. Rotary is a global network of business, professional and community leaders. Rotary promotes peace and international understanding through its educations and humanitarian programs. Rotary’s top philanthropic goal is to eradicate polio worldwide. Rotary and its partners have reduced polio cases by 99 percent worldwide.

4 Brainstorming ideas #1  Describe ways that your club can Inform the public about Rotary and promote the club’s service projects and activities…..

5 Brainstorming Ideas #2: How might your club go about setting goals for your PR committee?

6 SMART Goals SPECIFIC. Who, What, Where, When, Why…. MEASURABLE. A goal should provide a tangible point to pursue. ACHIEVABLE. Rotarians should be able to accomplish the goal with the resources available. REALISTIC. A Goal should represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to reach. TIMELY. A goal should have a deadline or timeline.

7 Components of Public Relations Effective public relations requires time, effort, and planning. When your committee develops an action plan before the beginning of the Rotary year, it should address the audience, strategies and tools, and projects and activities that will be promoted.

8 Audience Ensuring that Rotary has a positive image in the community requires public relations efforts directed at different audiences. These audiences may include…….. __________________________________ __________________________________ ____________________________

9 Media Information can be delivered through various tools, including…….. __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ ___________

10 Brainstorming Ideas #4: How can you work with Rotarians in your club to maximize PR efforts?

11 How does your club plan to achieve its public relations goals? Ensure the public relations committee is trained in conducting a multimedia campaign Plan public relations efforts around all service projects Conduct a public awareness program targeted at the business and professional community that explains what Rotary is and what Rotary does Arrange for a public service announcement to be broadcast on a local television channel, aired on a local radio station, or placed in a local newspaper or magazine. Brainstorm other ideas!!

12 2011-2012 PR GRANT

13 District PR Goal Our District goal is to increase membership and also to support Membership retention. Seeing Rotary in ads on television’; on billboards, etc... makes us all proud to BE a Rotarian!!

14 Rotary International PR Grant District 7010 intends to apply for a PR Grant for 2012. Clubs have until May 15, 2011 to get their proposals ready and submit to District Based on the proposals, the committee will determine whether one proposal or a combination of them will form the basis of the grant application

15 Proposals Should Address: What clubs are prepared to participate? What is the total cost of the proposed project? What amount of grant money is sought? What contribution will the proposing club(s) contribute? Are you anticipating any contributions in kind or otherwise from the supplier or other entities? What message will you be using (specific reference to Humanity in Motion materials preferred) What type of media do you propose to use? (eg: TV, Radio, Billboards) Name the suppliers and advise whether contributions have been obtained. Provide contact information for a person prepared to be the primary contact for further information, preparation of the formal application and implementation. How does your proposal promote Rotary and Rotary’s public image?

16 2012 PR Grant – district wide campaign RI have increased their grant for 2012 and our District intends to do our best to apply for this grant. The total RI grant is $15,000 and the District must contribute $5,000. We plan to use $10,000 for club projects and $10,000 to purchase an advertising campaign on television stations that mirror our district.


18 Examples of Successful PR Grant Applications 2010- 2011

19 Area 8 Clubs  Trade Show Display $2,217 from RI $1,109 from District Total Grant = $3,326 Cdn  This is a copy of the proof for the Peterborough clubs display booth......


21 Barrie Clubs – Billboard campaign - $1,997 from RI and $998 from District = $2,995 Cdn There are two billboards in this campaign; pictured below

22 Billboard on Bradford Street, downtown Barrie

23 Hwy 27 North of Barrie

24 The billboards correspond to a website that links the three Rotary clubs. Each club has an information page with details about each club and a link to each club’s website. The clubs collectively are putting in additional money (Approx. $2000) to support this campaign


26 The final component of our PR grant is the Television campaign on /A\ Television which covers a large area covering the southwestern area of District 7010. Television campaign $2,654 from RI and $1,327 from District = $3,981 Cdn

27  The creative used was the same as for the billboard Campaigns “you are the missing piece” from RI. The end of the commercial includes the website for follow-up

28 The campaign airs from Feb 21 st to April 17 th. A total of 33 paid ads. When a campaign is purchased; generally advertisers are added to a bonus list which means that they may receive extra spots when time permits. We have received 44 bonus ads to date with a total value of $11,610.00 (including a spot in American Idol!!)

29 Television “Commercial”

30 2009-2010 PR Projects HUNTSVILLE Rotary Garden

31 District 7010 Outstanding Website Award The criteria for the award are as follows: Show when and where club meets (0-2 points) Listing of upcoming programs/speakers (0-5 points) Provide information about or links to the Rotary International website. (0-3 points) Explain what the club does (0-10 points) Engage the public [not appear as a members only site] (0-5 points) Show the fun of fellowship (0-5 points) Invite the public to become involved either through membership or service projects. (0-5 points) Contain recent information about what the club has accomplished (0-5 points) Provide links to relevant information such as directors (0-2 points) Provide links to club committees and what they do (0-10 points) Include new media such as video and/or news feeds (0-3 points) The site should be easy to navigate for visitors either Rotarians or potential Rotarians (0-5 Points) Perfect Score is 80 points. In effect, two clubs could meet all the above criteria, but one could score higher than another because they do a better job with the site.

32 District Website RI Website

33 This is Rotary s/ridefault.aspx s/ridefault.aspx

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